hot weather manners

I was in a sour mood today , working in the house in the rising heat . Just a sour mood . No reason , no provocation .

I went over to Home Depot for some cardboard cartons . Vehicles were rushing one another for parking spaces .

When I was leaving I was in line for a cashier . It was a shorter line than the line for the self-serve checkout , the self-serf checkout .  I was close when another cashier opened up . She waved me over . I was next in line . ” Next in line “, she said . I started to wheel my cart over but the guy behind me rushed over ahead of me . The cashier began ringing him up . That’s not right .  I considered the necessity of calling  him  an obscene name to his face . I figured that he deserved it . I didn’t want to be an enabler , after all . The guy should know that that had been  an asshole move . He should be told . Shouldn’t he ?  It seemed suddenly to be my responsibility to make this guy pointedly aware of his transgression .

But the urge quickly passed . What ? I’m going to change his life with my sharp comment ? With my direct , but unspecific characterization of him and his behavior ?  The fact is that his impulsive speed worked for him . He gained a minute or two , I estimate . Why should a guy wait the extra unnecessary minute or two on such a hot day , after all ? Every man for himself , anyway , I guess . The world rewards initiative .illustration 14

For some strange reason ,  maybe just accidental momentary hot day anomie ,  I opened up a Fox News link sent by some one of my questionable Facebook friends . It was a commentary by one of those Fox News judges — the female one , not the hair slicked back male one . She was chewing out the IRS , but blaming it all on Obama , of course .   She called the IRS  bozos , then animals , then , what was it ? Idiots ? Stupid idiots ?  I stopped reading about the third crude insult . The words put a little more oomph in the argument , whatever the argument  was , in a name-calling non-intellectual crude and unsophisticated sort of a way . To me , I will say , the name calling quickly canceled the argument. This is the best a judge can do to make a point ?  I know , I know , it’s Fox News , it’s  TV entertainment . Still . A judge ?

I was finally driving out of the Home Depot parking lot . Had to wait a minute or two for some guy in a big SUV to :  1: get his vehicle out of the space , very carefully ,  2. block the area for a minute as he fastened his seat belt and , I suppose , calculated how he should maneuver his vehicle from this awkward position , and 3 . to SLOWLY move his behemoth  around and finally go .  I was standing out there in the heat , trying not to have nasty thoughts , wondering when the lethargic driver would finally decide to drive off  .

As I got into my vehicle a car wanted to park in my spot . His trouble was that I hadn’t vacated the space  yet . He stopped behind my car so that I had no room to leave . Was this going to work ?  It took him two or three minutes to realize that if he didn’t  give me enough room to leave then he wouldn’t be able to get in . Seemed like a simple concept to me . But , heh ,  hot day . But , finally , I guess , the light bulb went off in his head and he backed off . Maybe what sparked him into action was the pickup truck trying to worm its way in to my spot , too .

Anyway , I got out . I was crossing near an exit when a perturbed customer zipped out and crossed my path . I stopped . I stopped quite immediately , I thought , but he gave me a look and mouthed something , evidently an obscenity . Maybe it was the same profanity  I had intended to use on the cutting customer a short time earlier at the cashier  stand . Maybe he was just in a foul mood too , not cursing me out at all . Maybe . But I don’t think so . He looked back at me again with his expressive  sour expression .  Asshole .

I suspected that everyone was in a bad mood today . It was the heat , yes , but also the humidity , more than usual , and  the overcast  weirdness of the day.

There are days when a person should just not .

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  1. Sallyanne

    Oh dear…sign of aging …grumpy ole man!

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