waiting for metro

Arcadia , California . Gold Line extension project .

I’m waiting to walk to a new to-be-built   station and hop on the metro . I could do it now , hoof it over to the metro station   , but it would take two hours or more to walk to the nearest station . But I’m too lazy to do that .

Metro recently pulled up the tracks here in Arcadia that have been there since the old Red Cars quit  in the 1950s . I wonder where the old tracks  went — recycling ?  Some of the old tracks long ago pulled up along the Coast Highway across the Santa Monica coast were set vertically along the highway . Then , one by one , they left . Road work , house construction , and other development made them go .

There are  forms , now , where the old P.E.  tracks were a few months ago . The forms , I assume  , will form a higher base for new tracks .

I’m waiting to ride .

Jobs and a better L.A.  —- in case anyone complains about the construction , I guess .

The old P.E. ( Pacific Electric ) station was situated here . This is where the new station will be built . And a parking structure , I assume . The parking structure was not needed in the old days . Wagons would meet the earliest trains . Maybe the detraining passengers  would ride over to the old Baldwin racetrack on Baldwin tourist wagons , place a few bets , watch the horses run , look up at the mountains , have a few drinks . Not many cars to park in those first days . Tourists might go over to the Oakwood Hotel , run by Baldwin’s oldest daughter , for a little gambling and a few more drinks , or over to one of the many other local gin joints in town .



Previously :

Arcadia metro station site 008

Arcadia metro station site 011

Arcadia metro station site 003

The  Oakwood Hotel  is long gone .  It burned down . The old saloons are gone , the White Horse Saloon and the others . But there are a string of newer places along Huntington Blvd. to get a drink , bars and restaurants .  But , I suspect , the Metro Gold Line Extension passengers detraining at the new Arcadia Station next year will not be rounding the block on foot to visit these places . They will be navigating the new parking structure and climbing into their cars and continuing their life journeys by car . This is L.A. , after all .

Well , it’s not L.A. ; it’s Arcadia .  But the sign says making L.A. better , so who am I to question big bright  vinyl signs posted on chain link fences ?

Jobs , too .  iWillRide .

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