puns and trophies

Seven days without a pun makes one weak .  trophy 011

   I received a trophy once from the principal who first hired me as a teacher at Saint Clement Elementary in Venice ,  CA  . Or was it Saint Clement’s   Elementary ?  I suppose I should know . I’ll have to check in with my friend Joe to get the correct form ,  Joe , over at The  Coming of the Toads  blog . Joe and I started teaching  the same year .  He was wise enough to get out of the profession after a few years to do something else for awhile . He took a twenty -five year or so break before he climbed back in . Now he teaches college students the skills and thrills of writing .  I know for a fact that Joe still harbors grammar manuals in his house and , probably , other such accessories to erudition  . Mine are buried in the back yard , wooden garden stakes shoved into their hearts and red roses planted over their tombs.

trophy 009

I wrote a novel about a guy who had a small garden .  It didn’t have much of a plot .

But , of course , there are times when I wish that I had a few reference  tomes  around . I volunteer at a history museum . When I am cataloging items I have an urge to check a dictionary from time to time . There is a reference library at the museum but no dictionary . No dictionary ?  ” Google it , ” I am told .   Google it .  If I had a smart phone I guess I’d smart phone it . But I don’t have a smart phone . Google is the new Oracle of Delphi .

There was a big paddle sale at the boat store . It was quite an oar deal .

I won’t rehash some of my reflections about Sister Agnes at St. Clement .  Enough said in past posts . Suffice it to say , as they say , that she and I , although colleagues ,  were not  best  pals . So the school’s principal  , Terry ,  wanted to rub that in a little  one year and he gave me the LOVER OF PUNS AND NUNS   trophy .   Funny ?trophy 001

I relish the fact that you’ve mustard the strength to ketchup to me .

I’ve borrowed the puns used in this post from Pun of the Day . No puns were hurt in the writing of this post .

One more :  I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger , and then it hit me . trophy 006

………….or :   Did you hear about the guy whose entire left side got cut off ? He’s all right now .dylan I can't sing sign

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