about my fans

     I’ve cut my head a few times on our old light fixture in what was once the dining room . I removed the spike a few years ago . The spike hung down just low enough to lacerate scalps . Some scalps . Ada is not tall enough to have been sliced , stabbed , and otherwise attacked by the deadly spike . I suppose people were shorter in 1941 , when he house was built .  Otherwise , who would put up such a hazard hanging from the ceiling , lying  in wait for unobservant tall folk to pass  at their peril .

  Finally we have replaced this decrepit old creature with a new fixture , one that don’t hang so dangeroulsy low .  Ada thought that we should get a fan/light , and so we did . It was a good idea .

  I hired an electrician to install the thing . First of all , I’m never comfortable working with wiring . Second , the wires peeking out from the ceiling above this old spiked terrorist looked brittle . Would they need to be replaced ?

 There was no problem with the installment . The electrician pointed out one small flaw with one of the fan blades . I took it back and the store replaced it . No problem .LIGHTS 002

  We liked the fan/light  so well that we decideed to buy another one for the TV room . The electrician pointed out that , had the store caused a problem about the damaged fan blade , we would not have bought another fixture there . Right .

  O.K. , now for the installation of the second fixture . Think it’s going to be easy ? That’s where people make the mistake , I think . Oh , it’s going to be simple . It will take an hour or so to put the thing together , connect the wires , and hang it . Simple enough , just like the other one .


 Well , the electrician gave me the option : put a couple of holes in the wall and replace the wiring . Won’t be a problem , but it will require a couple of small patches in the plaster . But , don’t worry , the old wires will do , too . Your call , he said .

  Put it up just like it is , I said . It’s not a good time to bang holes in walls  . The old wiring is good enough , not dangerous . Good enough for now . O.K. , he said .

But , that’s not how it worked out . He climbed around in the attic , hot as hell as it is up there this summer . When he came down out of the furnace he showed me how the electrical box was loose up in the ceiling .

” Can’t you shim it ? ”  I said .

” Tried that ,” he said . ” Looks like we have to put a new wire and secure  the box . ”

It is what it is . It’s nice to be able to trust the electrician , anyway .  He’ll come back Monday , he said , and he did .

We’re sitting under the fan now , Ada and I , watching early episodes of Doc Martin .  The plumber has just given up plumbing to begin a restaurant . ” I’m in the hospitality business , now ,”  he told a skeptical Doc Martin . The fan is pushing the evening air down onto us . The light is good , uses energy saving bulbs , and the fan is quiet and steady .

Life is a bowl of cherries , but we are eating blueberries , raspberries , and figs .illustration 10


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3 responses to “about my fans

  1. I’ve installed fans, crawled through a hot attic and cracked my head many, many times on the only hanging light fixture we have. You brought back a lot of memories with this post, most of them of uncomfortable times.

  2. You have “fans” in many places!

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