I ain’t got no russian soul

So , let me get this straight . The world is going to hell .   That’s understood . Need I explain further ?

Winston Churchill evidently said if you’re going through hell , then  keep going . I know this because I was accidentally fishing around on the internet today at the history museum where I volunteer . I was researching antique carpentry tools , finding out about breast drills . Had some kind of scraper, too ,  …….. knife planer ?  and I wandered electronically away from the topic for a moment or two .

There was a gift store site that peddled little cute souvenir gifts , stuff with cute and ostensibly  profound sayings like Winston Churchill’s . The profundity  was etched onto a glass ashtray , now sold as a paperweight . Who buys ashtrays anymore ? Who would admit to it , anyway ?  Not in California !ashtray

The gift shop site must have had something to do with antique tools . Otherwise , how would I have got there ? Anyway ………….  I asked the museum curator a couple of weeks ago about the newly placed signs near the keyboards : FOR MUSEUM BUSINESS ONLY .   ” For the high school kids who volunteer , ” she explained . ” Some of them play games and stuff . ”   I quickly looked around the workroom  for any glass ashtrays with Winston Churchill quotes , or for any small silver frogs , or for anything with cute little inspirational  sayings on display .   Nothing . I decided that I better get back to the antique tools .

I see several of these oh-so-inspiring sayings posted daily on Facebook . They give me a lift in my life every morning . Or not . Happiness is ………….  Coffee makes me happy ……………… Cute animals are there too.   Uuuu . Ahhh .  Look at my horsey !

And then there’s John . John posts five or six conspiracy theories every day . Wow ! He is a prolific doomsday seller . I know , I know . I don’t take it all seriously enough . I’m one of the majority of complacent ones who are letting the government screw up the world . If only I would act . And act now .  John is doing his best to fix it all ; letting the rest of us know what’s being pulled over on us , day by day . By the government . By Obama . By the Pentagon . By the Republicans . By the Democrats and the Republicans . By the Christian Right and by the Christian Left and by the National Rifle people .  By groups we ain’t never heard of .  You wouldn’t believe what’s happening . And it’s all happening because I’m sitting on my fat American ass and letting it happen .

John , I think you are absolutely right . I mean that non-politically and sincerely . Keep up the struggle . Someone should .

But , I have things to do . I have Churchill sayings on glass ashtrays to consider , or maybe  a small silver frog to buy  for Mac the frog person . I have antique woodworking tools to catalog , metal cylinders with peacocks etched into them to figure out what they are so I can catalog them  , new beers to taste later and pool games to play , several stupid crime mysteries to read . And I need time to check my tomatoes and my luffa vine so that I can tell Bill that it survived , and to see how the new little fig tree is doing so that maybe I can give it , eventually , to Bob , and I need to have time to relax . I don’t have time to fix the world . Or , admittedly , the expertise .  Sorry , John .

I guess I’m the problem . And people like me . If we would only admit how serious the world is !

There was a Russian woman visiting a friend here in Arcadia several years ago . I took her to the Santa Anita Mall , not because I am a mall person , but because I wanted her to experience modern America in action . We were sitting at a table in the food court when she said to me , ” Americans don’t know what life is all about . ”  I asked her for an explanation .   ” Well , look at them . ” she said , ” They’re all smiling . ”  A condemnation John might have appreciated . Ada said , at the time , it’s the Russian soul .

I don’t have a Russian soul . I have a shallow selfish complacent run-of-the-mill American soul . I’m why the world is in so much trouble , and I know it .

So , sue me . [another not-so-subtle jab at American culture !] .

And , by the way , in this one limited instance at least , Churchill was right , ashtray or not . star spangled banner woman


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2 responses to “I ain’t got no russian soul

  1. Both you and Mr. Churchill have very good points.

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