peeve revisited

Tomorrow is  Trash Day . Trash Day is one of those taken- for-granted , easily underestimated   holidays , partly since it comes around every week . Even  Hallmark seems not to have any cards for Trash Day  . Oh , well .  Trash Day is an important day . Without Trash Day , where would we be ?  But , this isn’t a post about Trash Day . Maybe I’ll write one some day .trash barrel

This is a post , reflecting an older post of mine , about those people who insist on parking in front of my house , or in front of any similar-minded person’s house , right in the middle and , thereby , taking up both spaces . If I need to park my car in front of the house , therefore , I couldn’t ,  even though  there’s plenty of room , otherwise , for two vehicles .

That’s irritating .CAR IN MIDDLE 001

I know . I know . It’s not such a big deal to most people . Life presents bigger challenges , worse problems . The government is spying on it’s citizens like a crazed paranoid madman stalker , after all , and then calmly explaining how that invasion of privacy carried out secretly  is  o.k.  And the majority of the citizenry sit back and say , well, yeah ,  that’s o.k.   The administration has to assure Russia , meanwhile ,  that , should that guy Snowden be returned to America , we promise not to torture him . In modern ‘The War On Terror’  America  , the America of Guantanamo ,  we have to promise not to torture him . Like any reasonable person would believe the government  at this point  anyway ! And then there’re the school shootings , and the tornado devastation , and the hurricanes , and the chemicals in our drinking water , and Congressmen flashing their shortcomings ( remember the Academy awards streaker and David Niven’s  comment ?) all  over the internet .

So , you may be wondering , why am I so upset with someone parking in the middle in front of my house . I don’t usually park there , anyway . The street’s not my property , anyway . So . So get over it .  So , chill !  Boo hoo . Cry baby !violin soloist

I couldn’t put all three of my trash cans out together today in preparation for Trash Day . I put two behind this space hog and had to put the other one in front of him/her .   I was nice , nevertheless .  I didn’t put the barrels  right up against the middle -of-the-curb parker’s bumpers , front and back . That would have been a clear message , though ,  an expression of frustration with the inconsiderate parker .   The curb hog !


A few days ago a friend of Ada’s drove up in a tiny little car . Where did she park ?  Where do you think ?  Right .

I held my tongue . I’m turning over a new leaf . I’m transcending my pique .  I’m  trying to get a new prospective , to develop a new paradigm .  I’m trying to open my mind up to new ideas , to break the barriers that might be holding me back from appreciation of the world .  I’m trying to be inclusive , more tolerant . I’m trying .

As long as I don’t want to park on the street I’m  o.k. with it . I don’t need the space , at any rate , do I ?   Who cares where anyone wants to park , then !  As long as I don’t have to park on the street  I’m  fine , curb hog or no curb hog .

Or , of course ,  as long as I don’t have to put the trash barrels out there .woman drawing

But  Trash Day is tomorrow , for god sake . Pick one side or the other , curb hog .


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3 responses to “peeve revisited

  1. jaciforna

    I have to park my car on the street and it drives me nuts when someone takes up two spaces right in front of my building. Then again, I am quite impatient and sometimes have a short fuse. My husband even bought me two stress balls; one for the office and one for the car. They don’t always work.

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