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A re-blogged post about leeches:

We spotted one leech  in a Swedish lake and our lake-swimmer friend ( Swedish citizen ) decided from that day on never again to swim in that lake .  She , perhaps,  needs  leech-appreciation training . Just a thought . Anyway…………………


Funny about leeches !  A guy can probably go for decades , maybe a lifetime , without considering leeches . I mean a modern man , of course .

A friend of mine had some surgery , recently ,  on his face .  The doctor had to drain with a needle his swelling . The doctor  wanted to use leeches instead of needles but there were none available in the area . In the Greater Los Angeles area .

Where’s a leech when you need one ?

By coincidence , the L.A. Times had a very long article recently about leeches . I skimmed it quickly . Apparently a hot-spot for leech raising is Russia. Russian women raise them in large jars with cloths fastened over the tops . Like my childhood friends Don and Dan  used to raise mice so they could feed their king snake . It was quite an efficient snake-feeding operation . But , then the snake died . Well , that’s another story . This one’s about leeches , not mice .

Apparently , women are better at leech-raising than men . To do a good job at it you have to love the little creatures , according to the article , and men just can’t handle it . Men, it seems ,  can’t give the needed love to leeches . I can relate to  that . I’m not making a judgement when I say that ; I’m just reporting what the newspaper article said , and saying it rings true  to me .

It’s quite a thriving cottage industry in Russia , evidently . If Don and Dan were still kids I think they’d have a garage full of leeches . Their mother never really warmed up to the mice ; but she might fall in love with the leeches .  Maybe . More likely , though , love of leeches has something to do with that  enigmatic Russian soul , knowing what life is all about , seeing the seriousness of things , and all that . Not being Russian , I don’t know .

So , amid these recent leech encounters , my friend and the L.A. Times , what movie do you suppose the Arcadia history museum decided to show Friday night ?  Should I let you guess ?

The curator chose to show The Attack of the Giant Leeches  because it was filmed at the Arboretum in Arcadia in 1959 .  Eight days to film it . I think it took about eight minutes to write the script .  It seems with all of the rocket tests in those days , and not all of them successful , radiation escaped from a failed rocket , seeped into the swamps , and the result was giant leeches . These leeches , of course , killed one man after another .

There are a few sub-plots , too , of course .  A guy goes out to the swamp to make out with another man’s wife . They’re caught by the husband and chased though the underbrush and , eventually , into the swamp . The husband is arrested for murder after the two disappear , but he swears that he only meant to scare them , didn’t kill them , and  that a strange creature dragged them into the swamp and they were gone .

We find out later that they were taken alive to an underground air-pocket cave by the giant leeches . Are the captives  there as finger food , so to speak , for the leeches when the leeches  get the munchies ?  Is the giant leech , as Ada suspected , really in love with the beautiful blondie (although unfaithful) wife ?  If so , then maybe , as the Times article suggested , there really is some special connection between women and leeches .leeches 2

Does anyone , by this point in the cheezy fright movie , care ?  The woman is , at the end of the film , rescued from the underground cave .   The giant leeches are blown to smithereens .

But ,  did the blondie  survive ?  Who knows !  The men in the movie during the last scene seem focused only on the explosion and the floating-to-the-surface of the destroyed giant leeches . The unconscious woman , dead ?  alive ? is nearly left in the rescue canoe , all but  a  forgotten entity , unimportant .

I can’t wait for the sequel .  Had the blondie  fallen for the leech , after all ?  Did a colony of mosquitos , having fed off the leech carcasses , grow to giant size and then terrorize the city ?  Was there a young giant leech who , as it turns out , was playing with his friends in another swamp and escaped the explosion that killed his parents  ? Now he seeks revenge in the new thriller : The Revenge of the Giant Leech Baby .  Could be .

Maybe we need the Cold War to appreciate  The Attack of the Giant Leeches .  Escaped uranium .   Giant leeches , ants , spiders , etc . Fear of the unknown . Fear of the Russians  . A contemporary film would have better special effects than two guys wearing rubber leech costumes . But then the quaint charm is gone .

Now that I’m writing this , it strikes me that those Russian women raising leeches might be  part of the latest Communist plot to overthrow America . I’m not sure how . I’ll write to my congressman to make sure he investigates  : ” Dear Mr. McCarthy……………..”.


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  1. Geeze, I remember spending Saturday mornings at the Rankin Theater watching movies like that. I don’t remember that one though.

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