nineteen fourteen

colored soldiers WWIswiss cavalry patrolling 1917Swiss cavalry on border patrol.

swiss soldiers 1914-16Swiss soldiers .

1914 dressFashion.

1914 suffragistSuffrage movement .

1914 french troopsFrench troops before battle .

1914-16 ger. hospital trainWWI ambulance british WWI ambulance

German hospital train    ; Amer. ambulance ;    Brit. ambulance .

1913 dressFashion 1913

1918 thomas hitchcockThomas Hitchcock 1918.

1914 bicycle

artificial limb factoryArtificial limb factory .

1918 troop ship

U.S. troop ship in Vladovostok 1918.

k of c bus

Taking wounded on a tour .

WWI soldiers

WWI tank

World War I Memorialcensus WWI


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2 responses to “nineteen fourteen

  1. Love this photo gallary, memories preserved.

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