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one more Arboretum

arboretum oct 2013 001 arboretum oct 2013 006 arboretum oct 2013 007 arboretum oct 2013 018 arboretum oct 2013 026 arboretum oct 2013 031 arboretum oct 2013 052 arboretum oct 2013 065 arboretum oct 2013 075

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10 more Arboretum photos

arboretum oct 2013 014 arboretum oct 2013 015 arboretum oct 2013 051 arboretum oct 2013 025 arboretum oct 2013 029 arboretum oct 2013 060 arboretum oct 2013 043 arboretum oct 2013 062 arboretum oct 2013 088 arboretum oct 2013 028


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7 pictures from the Arboretum in Arcadia

arboretum oct 2013 005 arboretum oct 2013 035arboretum oct 2013 038 arboretum oct 2013 063 arboretum oct 2013 075 arboretum oct 2013 086arboretum oct 2013 018

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3 beer ads

bock beer posterwiedemann beer cowboy poster busch black and tan poster


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smokers ( cigars )

first smoke drawing jolly smoker the boss drawing smoking perfect bliss smoker drawing

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This is intended to be a post about shopping for a new refrigerator . I think that I can stick to the topic . We’ll see .

First of all , I would like to compliment anyone who doesn’t use the term refrigerator  but who calls it , still , the icebox . I wish that I did also , but somewhere along the line I lost   “icebox” and found myself saying refrigerator . It was a surprise to me and a mystery when and how and why  I had switched . I can’t go back to saying icebox ; it would be forced and pretentious , and that’s a  shame !  I don’t know when I lost icebox . Had I known I wouldn’t have .

Ada and I spent the day shopping for a new refrigerator . I had checked the internet . Then I had checked three or four stores to see the beasts in the flesh .weird man

We don’t want the ice-in-the-door feature . That limits our choice considerably . Most of the new ones have it . Friends of ours had a leak in the water line to their refrigerator and water ruined the hardwood floors in three rooms , so we are leery of a water hookup . I know , I know , it’s a chance in a million that such a thing might happen .  Nevertheless , better safe than sorry .

Give me a new refrigerator that fits in the space we have , please ,  but new . But no .

What cubic capacity do you want ?  Will 19.2 cu. ft. be sufficient ? Maybe you want more space . What about 28.8 cu. ft. ?   Somewhere in between ?  20.5  ?   23 ? 21 ?    How many cubic feet is the old refrigerator ? I don’t know .

Now , do you want the freezer on the bottom or on the top ?  Now doors : French doors with a pull out freezer ? French doors and a side-hinged freezer door ? Two long doors ?  Two side-hinged doors ? Hinges on left or right ?

Colors : chrome , black , or white ?  I suppose that they make them in various other colors . I knew a family who had a pink one . Everything in their house was pink . I saw a green one on TV.  A friend of mine has a yellow one . Seems like they should have red . Everything comes in red , doesn’t it ?  I think all refrigerators , at one time , were white . If the world had stuck to that , life would be so much easier .

” I’d just like to take another look at the one we liked at Sears  , ” Ada said , and so we went back again . We ended up buying one somewhere else , though . We wandered around to a few places . We got a great deal on a washer and dryer at OSH several months ago , so we checked there , but  OSH doesn’t sell appliances anymore .

” Thank god we don’t anymore ,” a clerk there told me .  ” Too much trouble “.

Tell me about it !odd poster


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general sheridan

sheridan alone sheridan and 2 other gens sheridan and staff sheridan and staff 2 sheridan portrait        In 1864  the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac reorganized under the command of Maj. General Philip Sheridan .

gen sheridan and his generals

Sheridan was known for his rapid rise in rank to major general .  He had a close association with Grant , who transferred Sheridan from an infantry division in the west to a cavalry unit in the east .  Sheridan and George Armstrong Custer fought Gen. Early Jubal in the Shenandoah Valley . That’s Sheridan standing second from the left . Custer is sitting on the right .

Sheridan was present at Appomattox Courthouse when Lee surrendered to Grant . Sheridan gave the table on which  the surrender was signed to Custer as a gift for his wife .gen sheridan and tent

Sheridan later fought Indians in Texas and on the plains when Grant was President .  (Custer fought Indians too, up to a point  .)

During Reconstruction , Sheridan was appointed Military Governor of the Fifth Military District ( Texas and Louisiana ) .  He didn’t like Texas much . He said , ” If I owned Texas and Hell , I would rent Texas and live in Hell “.

He was , by the way , the ninth president of the National Rifle Association . He died in 1888 .

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