you go girls

young woman looking up        I just now finished reading a blog post about a particular teaching experience . I don’t need to summarize that post    here , but it was well written , erudite , and had a powerful message .

That post got me thinking back to my early teaching days . Well , not so much THINKING  as having flash backs . I guess that’s mental activity minus any true thinking .

I’ve pretty much stopped thinking , anyway .  It only gets you in trouble .

I want to keep this post short , mostly because it is neither especially well written , nor erudite , nor with any particular , much less , powerful , point . But follow along for a few moments  and we’ll be done  and  afterward   you can go about your business , which probably involves at least some element of thinking . Am I right ?

One week long ago , the boys  in my fifth grade class were stealthily bothering the girls ; poking them probably , knocking items from girls’ desks ,  perhaps , and whatever else fifth grade boys did in those days to tease girls . [ No , no , no . I didn’t say ” boys will be boys ” , or imply acceptance of such . So don’t infer that . I know some of you can’t stop your thinking from encroaching upon  this brief moment . Try to control that , though , if you would ]

By the way , the post to which I have referred told of an incident that may be construed as sexual  harassment . That probably brought this old elementary school memory to the forefront of my consciousness . It’s not a sample of sexual harassment ; but , it was inappropriate  boy vs. girl activity . [ Sorry ; just thinking out loud for a second . You know : wondering how did I get  this idea for this post ?  Well , not thinking OUT LOUD , but you know what I mean . ]stained glass geometric

The boys in my class were doing all of this devious demented activity during the brief moments when I had my back turned , when I would be writing  on the board . I was quick ; I turned back to face them as quickly as possible  . But  the boys in the class were quicker . This went on for days . Girls were wincing , complaining . But I hadn’t seen anything . My stern- toned warnings to the boys were having no observable effect .

And , then one day ,  I turned toward the chalkboard , ready to write rapidly , ready to turn back quickly , when I heard a huge thud . I spun instantly  around toward the students  .a girl

[Now , THIS  is the essence of this post , right here , so pay attention . Afterward  , you can go . Go and do thinking if you want . Whatever.]

When I turned at the sound of the tremendous thud , I saw every boy in the class holding his head and wincing in pain .  I saw every girl calmly replacing her history book  back under  her desk . The history book ; you know , the biggest and heaviest of the textbooks . There was a little glowing radiance on each girl’s face , an expression of satisfaction and serenity . The girls had coordinated the attack expertly  , timed for the teacher’s  turn toward the board , and they  executed it perfectly  , with spectacular precision .  What had been their  signal ? How much planning had gone into it ? I was impressed .

The boys were addressing me , their teacher , as they were rubbing their sore heads :  ” She hit me ! You have to do something about it, Mr. H  ! ”

But , what could I do ?  I hadn’t seen the girls do anything . I explained that to the boys . They  weren’t at all at all  happy about that , not at all , but they stopped their harassment of those girls . [ No , no . I’m not advocating violence . There you go thinking again ! ]



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  1. jaciforna

    Ha! Thanks for sharing, Mr. H 🙂

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