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cookies Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch guy . He painted sunflowers .

There were at least four major films made about van Gogh : Vincent ; Vincent and Theo;  Pride and Predjudice ——-no ,  no The Pride and the Glory ——- no, no , The Crucible, —-no,no,  Lust For Life ; and Vincent , the True Story . I’m sure that there were several other films . Van Gogh is a popular guy .

Van Gogh had a rough life . Well , you know that . And , then there was the ear incident . From the little I know , I know that van Gogh would have been surprised at his fame .  Oh , if van Gogh would only know !

I was listening to an Englishman on the car radio today as I was on my way to the Arcadia history museum . ASIDE:  The city of Arcadia  changed the name , though , from history museum to , I think ,    cultural heritage museum — a bit more inclusive in design ,  yet , in my opinion , a tad more exclusive . I’m an old history teacher , after all .  History in schools  became ” social studies ” back then . Those people who threw that type of verbal smoke are still throwing their omnisciently devastating  gas bombs , I guess .  Why we can’t have history class , or geography class for that matter , or history museums ? It’s  beyond me . But , a lot of stuff is beyond me . That doesn’t make it, necessarily ,  bad . And , no , I’m not afraid of change . I just don’t see the need for it sometimes . All changes are not good , people . Just saying .

The Englishman was saying something about that old Dutch painter , you know , vG .  Saying stuff about van Gogh . Calling him van Guff .  I suppose in England the painter’s  name rhymes with fluff .  O.K. , well enough !van Gogh

I prefer to know what little I know of van Gogh as if the gh in his name could have been dropped a long time ago , ie. van Go .  There’s not enough umph in the sound of van Gough , not  rough enough ; like slowly , unexcitingly ,  persistently rising dough .

I don’t know Dutch ; I won’t try to bluff ; but maybe the Dutch say Gogh and rhyme it  with puff , or gruff , or muff  .  I suspect, however   (though)  , that  the Englishman’s van Gogh , rhyming with buff and other stuff ,  is a Brit’s mere approximation of the Dutch sound .

ASIDE : Oh , no , by the way , old Vincent wasn’t French . Even I know that much . Try to keep up !

Educated Englishmen , if I may speak off the cuff , often think that they still  rule the world —–it may be kind of a cultural/historical type of PTSD , a flashback thing from the old Empire —–and they tend to believe that they , obviously , are , by default ( see , I’ve  been hanging around computers ! ) , always the  accepted  authority , and are , of course , who would dare question , obviously always  right . And Bob’s your uncle ( I threw that in —not sure what it means ; it’s a Briticism — for effect ) .

Americans sometimes imitate this hubris . We Americans have taken the concept far forward , too , of course . That’s a discussion for another blog , not mine .

And let’s not talk about the French .sunflowers

Old vG painted sunflowers , among other subjects  . I saw one at the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena .  Go , van Gogh , go !

To the Englishman on the radio : Was this stuff too rough ?   You’re the guys who spell plow as plough , I’ve noticed ,  and cookies to you are biscuits . The word cookie is from the Dutch .  Did you know that ?  Just saying .

Go, man , Gogh ! Maybe that’s  enough stuff about van Gogh ? van gogh terrace


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