hot routine

I had a friend who lived in his car . He had a regular route : when and where to shower , when and where to park his car , where to use restrooms , which restrooms  were good places to shave , etc.  He was homeless by choice . Of course ,  he was young then , and it was an adventure .

And he had a job. He had a radio show that broadcast vintage rock and roll tunes . His voice  filled in the gaps with music trivia and light-hearted comment .stained glass abstract

I’m thinking about him now , over forty years later , as I sit at a library computer writing this post . I have , what ? , forty-nine more minutes this session. At that point the screen shuts down  and I get booted off . It’s my first time using these library computers .

There’s a guy here at a nearby computer who is talking to the librarian . The computer terminal he says , ” ……keeps shutting down .  Something’s broken “.   The librarian agrees . They both have concerned  looks on their faces .

This library is fairly new . It opened up a couple of years ago . The center of the floor is occupied with several computers for public use . They are always occupied . I know now that they allow  users  one hour at a time .  I was lucky to find a seat open when I came looking . Good timing !

There was a sign on the   “…..keeps shutting down ”   computer that read ” Out of Order ”  . The  “patron” took the sign off and then called the librarian over — a decidedly  devious move to get a space at a monitor .  ” Something’s broken “, he says .    Duh !   But the unaware but helpful librarian is in the process of trying to get the terminal up and running .

By the way , I have thirty-eight minutes left on my session .Most of the  “patrons” are on computers in the middle of the library floor  . Some “patrons” are sitting in the comfortable armchairs near the windows with their laptops , keyboards clicking away .

ice cream truck 1918

I came over here today from the YMCA .  Ada and I recently joined YMCA again , after a several-year break . Today I swam a few laps and then sat in the sauna for awhile .  I have to ease into it ; no other exercise yet .

Did I tell you that it is 102 degrees outside today in Arcadia ?   It’s 102 degrees outside today in Arcadia  .109_1000

Our house is not air -conditioned . It heats up . We put in two new ceiling fans a couple of months ago . They help . I figure people have lived in my house for seventy-two years without air -conditioning and survived .  Ada and I  get by .110_1006

I think I will hit the Arcadia Museum of Cultural Heritage next . I volunteer there and it , also , is air-conditioned . The people there are friendly . Then , if I get home early enough , I may visit my old neighbor friend Don . His house is air-conditioned and he likes to share a cold beer in the afternoon with me and chatter . He’s ninety-two and goes to bed about 4:00 , so I have to visit him before that .

You get the idea of why I began thinking of my long-ago  lived-in-his-car- friend ?   I’m thinking that I may develop my own hot-weather route to stay in cool places . Who needs air-conditioning ? Most of my friends with central air agonize over ever turning it on , anyway,  because it runs up their electricity bills . So they sit and suffer , compelled to but unwilling to turn it on , until the tempts hit what might be , if they had really thought it all out , the YMCA – library – museum – visit someone with air-conditioning  level .

I still have twenty minutes left . It’s 2:00 . Nice thing about Arcadia is that in three or four hours the day will begin to rapidly cool off and all will be well . Ada and I will sit out on the back patio , when she gets back from work , and relax . Oh , yeah , I should mention that , since I am retired , I have the time to follow my little planned routine . I don’t have to be out there in the heat working . Being retired is cool .

Sixteen minutes left ; but I think I’ll shut my session down early so some other lucky “patron” can sit down at this compter and get busy . I’m going back to an armchair near a window and read .dancing figures

If the temps reach 120 degrees I may add the mall to my routine .


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2 responses to “hot routine

  1. I don’t know if it actually is, but your writing seems effortless. I think it’s the way you knit things together, If it is (effortless), I am envious. If it’s not, well either way really, I’m impressed.

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