in the 1920s

woman oldlong beach oil fields

dorothy gish 1923Dorothy Gish 1923

ice cream truck 1918

hitler sketch 1923

henry ford 1916

Henry Ford

ku klux klan 1926

Ku Klux Klan 1926

ku klux klan 1922 xx

KKK 1923

norma shearer 2

Norma Shearer



valentino 2


georgie jessel

Georgie  Jessel

dorothy gish 2

Dorothy Gish again

norma shearer 3

Norma Shearer again

note: WordPress moved my captions ; so , feeling lazy,   I left them as is. Also , 3 pictures were not captioned : old woman , Long Beach oil fields , an ice-cream truck , and some German suicide  .


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2 responses to “in the 1920s

  1. Great history wrapped up in these old photos.

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