waiting for metro

Arcadia metro station site 006Arcadia metro station site 004I’ve been patiently waiting for the Gold Line Metro to push far enough east so that I can walk over to the station . As it is , I could walk to the Sierra Madre Villa  Station , currently the closest one , if I had all the  morning to get there . I could , of course , walk several blocks from my house and catch a bus to the nearest station , too .

A few years ago I was on my way to see a friend in Connecticut , flying in to Hartford , and I decided to do it all on public transportation . This is Los Angeles territory , though , where public transportation is the deadbeat crazy  relative , is  at best a civic afterthought .

I went out early one morning , walked the half block down to Foothill Boulevard . Step one was to catch the bus along Foothill .  I walked to the corner to the bus stop . No bench . Hadn’t there been a concrete bus bench there ?  I looked up and down foothill  —- no benches . I walked across the street and asked the all-night gas station guy about the bus . How often do they come ?  He said there ain’t been no bus  on Foothill now for almost a month . Foothill Boulevard is a major street on this side of town , spreading up along the foothills .  No bus ?

I had to make an LAX  flight at a certain time .  This was gonna mess up my plan bigtime .  Ada wasn’t home or I would have asked her for a ride to the metro station .   So I called my friend Willie . Willie knew my public transport plan . He’d understand my predicament .  I’d picked Willie up at LAX several times ; waited hours once while his flight was diverted to San Francisco and then until it  finally  decided to come  back to L.A .  We had each others’ backs , so to speak , I guess , when it came to trying to get out of the city or trying to get back in . Like friend assurance  insurance , travel disaster personal indemnity .


METRO  August sept 2013 001So , I’m waiting for the metro tracks to be laid and the station to be built . So far Metro has built a Gold Line bridge over the 210 freeway . I’m not sure what the design of the bridge is supposed to represent . There are two large concrete forms that look a little like stylized pineapples . Pineapples in Arcadia ?   Oranges or lemons would be okay . Grapes ?  Even bananas or pomegranites or persimmons might fit somehow .  But  , pineapples ?

Those things must not , I think , be pineapples . Who would do that ? Maybe baskets ? Native American baskets ?   No , can’t be . Too pineapple- shaped .  Maybe , for some odd reason , hand grenades ?  I’ll have to ask someone who knows . My imagination ain’t able to stretch big enough to figure that one out yet .

The bridge was once on Lucky Baldwin land . He grew just about everything on his ranch there , I think , except pineapples .  The land was also ,  for a couple of decades ,   an Army observation balloon school . Baldwin was a horse lover , too , a racetrack builder , a horse breeder .  The Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia was also , for a few years during WWII  , an Army ordinance base  . Grenades !  I’m looking for clues to explain the two concrete structures at each end of the new Metro bridge .

It doesn’t matter . No one asked me before they built  the things , after all .  They look like they’ll be around for awhile , whatever they are supposed to be . Time will attach it’s own meanings to them .

Meanwhile , I watch the spot where the station is going to be built .  It’s an empty lot. There was an earlier station there eighty years ago or so . There were tracks there two years ago , also , tracks  abandoned for fifty years or more . They were waiting patiently and quietly  , all that time , those spans of  old steel track ,  only to be gouged out eventually , and disposed of  , I guess . Maybe they went to a train museum , instead  . Maybe a sculptor will concrete them vertically into the ground at odd angles and call it art .

I think that the new track will look pretty much the same as the old track . Higher up . More shiney . More concrete beneath . The people who will ride it will be pretty much the same , too , I suppose  ,  but with  electronic devices  and the feeling of being , oh ,  so much more civilized , cultured ,  sophisticated , and smart .trolley


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6 responses to “waiting for metro

  1. Were you able to do public transportation on the Hartford end of that trip? If so, that was an accomplishment to be proud of.

  2. Toni

    If we just had more public transportation, the world would be such a better place. I’m still holding out for the STAR TREK version of just beaming from place to place from the transporter room. Not holding my breath.

  3. What a project, hope your friend appreciated your effort.lol

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