still waiting for metro

I wanted to snap a couple of pictures for my blog of the pineapple-shaped concrete things at each end of the new metro bridge across the 210 .  I asked a couple of the guys working where the new station will be if I might get access to   the bridge  . Go down Colorado , they told me ,  just past that park . You know that park ? You can get access there .Metro arcadia sept 2013 008

So I drove down Colorado , just past the park , and I found the access to the pineapples . There was a dirt road scraped recently into the hillside and an open chain link gate .  Signs in red letters told me to get lost , I would be instantly spotted on surveillance cameras , that  only authorized personnel could be here , etc.

I authorized myself . I was doing research . I would author-ize the experience in my blog , after all .  I , although technically trespassing , intended no vandalism or other harm . I trudged up the slope in my sandals and Hawaiian shirt . Film me all you want NSA , CIA, LAPD, APD , MTA  !  I will , worse come to worst , throw myself on the mercy of the court . The law is based in reasonableness , right ?Metro arcadia sept 2013 002

No one was around . I spotted the pineapples  a few hundred yards away . I snapped a photo and my little camera informed me that my battery had pooped out .  So I went home to recharge it . Tomorrow is another day .

Today I set out again , but with boots , this time , to trudge through the dirt . My re-charged little camera was ready .  Crews were busy digging and grading and siting .   I just wanted  to take a few snapshots of the bridge.

” Sorry , partner , but this is a hard hat safety glasses area .  I can’t let you in . ”

OSHA was standing just behind us , ominous , silently watching . I had worn my boots for nothing . ” Any other access to it ? ” I asked the hard hat safety glasses wet blanket  .   He considered for a moment .  He told me that the freeway was , maybe , the only access . Thanks , partner , but I’m not stopping on the freeway to take a couple of photos . Thanks , anyway .

I considered getting a hard hat and safety glasses from my friend Bill , the surveyor . His house wasn’t too far away .  But then I’d no doubt be stopped by the ” Authorized personnel only ” provision .   We can’t have just anyone with a hard hat and safety glasses wandering around our construction project sites . To quote Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now  : The horror !   Bill has told me , though ,  some tales about his experiences with that kind of thing.  They don’t put up  DANGER  signs for nothing around construction sites .

You know , nevertheless ,  if I were thirty years younger , I’d have been climbing behind some quiet house a little further along Colorado and then climbing the construction company fence in order to shoot a couple of photos . But , you know , this  morning , I was on the way to have my car washed —– senior discounts  on Wednesday , Ada says .  So I went ,  determining that  I could , within the greater scheme of things ,  do without the pineapple photos . One chooses one’s battles in life , and this wasn’t going to be one of those times for me .

So , all I can offer is a shot of one of the pineapple-like concrete things as I drove by at  sixty miles per hour . My little camera wasn’t cooperating either . It usually can do better .PINEAPPLE Metro bridge sept. 2013 003

Someone else was talking about the bridge a few days ago . ” Are those supposed to be pineapples ? ” the person asked . I don’t know . Who knows ? It might be a state secret .


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  1. Funny. How do you get into these jams?

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