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Back Yard Sept. 2013 084I was in the middle of writing a convoluted  post about schemers and scammers  and others who want only to separate a person from his money . I just checked out a blog by someone like that who began following my blog . Follows  my blog to get me to sign up for her newsletter about making a fortune blogging . I didn’t . I think that I’m supposed to be thrilled to pay to take a class that her boyfriend  ” teaches” about how to make a fortune on the internet .

I was wringing out my sympathy towel , the one I wipe my  Ifeelsorry  tears away with . It was completely dry . So I decided to go out back and take a few photos and ignore all of the Iwantyourmoney people around .Back Yard Sept. 2013 008 Even my friend WordPress is getting in on the act , trying to sell me for $99 a promise not to attach ads to my posts .  I’d rather not have the ads there , but $99 is nearly $100 , and WordPress put the ads there in the first place . Seems a bit Cosa Nostra-ish to me suggesting that I pay in order not to be hit with the ads ; smells to me like  protection money , coerced mob-enforced insurance racketeering .

Everyone’s trying to make a living .Back Yard Sept. 2013 025

Well , you can see that my irritable side was taking over from my write something coherent  and entertaining side .  At the YMCA yesterday I was told that a guy in the parking lot  wanted money for gas . I wondered : Was he going to Texas ? Did he have a wife and a baby waiting in the car ? Was it the same gas money guy who was hanging around the ARCO station last week ?

A  YMCA  member wanted to give the needgas guy money , but all he had in his wallet was a twenty . He didn’t want to give the guy  twenty , so he went inside to one of the employees for change . The employee, instead of making change  ,  chased the needgas guy away . ” He’s here every day . He’s not a member . And , I don’t think he has a car ,” the employee told the startled donor/enabler .

Enough of this , though . Let’s go outside .


My tikis watch the yard for me still .Back Yard Sept. 2013 014Pismo Beach Sept 2013 003 Back Yard Sept. 2013 019 My little fig tree cutting grew . It’s now at least as tall as the parent .Back Yard Sept. 2013 006 The lemon tree is plotting a new crop . We’ve been a little short of ripe lemons  lately , Ada and I , an unusual turn of events , after someone helped himself to all of our yellow  lemons a few weeks ago . He promised Ada that he would leave us some , but he didn’t .Back Yard Sept. 2013 035But at least he didn’t come back later and try to sell us lemons. Back Yard Sept. 2013 011 Or ask me for gas money .

Or suggest that I  sign up for his newsletter  about growing lemons . Back Yard Sept. 2013 033

P.S. The longhorn steer just showed up , mysteriously , in this post . I decided to let him stay . He’s not bothering anyone . Some photos sometimes mysteriously leave ; this one mysteriously arrived .


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5 responses to “back yard

  1. You have a longhorn steer? Cool! Ok, now I’m going to try and sell you something. I’m going to sell you on the fact that you are a fun, creative writer, and that many folks out here appreciate your words, photos, and historical information. And you can take that to the bank!

    • Thanks . I have a longhorn steer only on a photo . He lives up north at la Purissima Mission near Lompoc . Glad y’all enjoy my blog out there in the Lone Star .
      P.S. Took it to the bank ; but wasn’t able to get any dough for it . You (probably) know banks ! Thanks anyway .

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