informative ear wax and miscellanea

who is who   I was reading in the newspaper today that scientists now study the ear wax of whales . All kinds of information can be gotten . The history of the whale’s life journey can be examined .  The glob of wax stuck in the whale’s ear is a gooey time capsule .

Good to know .

An honest fellow enough , and one that loves quails , but he has not so much brain as ear-wax .

——Shakespeareposter weird

Someone has a big ball of their own ear wax , don’t you think ? Someone somewhere .  Where they keep it I have no idea . Would you keep it in the refrigerator ?  In Mason jars ?  I have no idea . But , I’ll bet there is someone somewhere with a big ball of collected  ear wax  .  Maybe someone you know has this secret hobby . Maybe one of my friends does it although  I’m not aware of  it .

Oh , no , I don’t  have that hobby !   I collected beer steins and bottle stoppers . I grow vegetables . I write a blog . I tried golf for awhile , but it’s not my game .

I’ve never collected stamps or coins . I don’t attend Jane Austen conferences ; not a Jane aficionado . I ‘m not a re-enactor of Civil War battles .  I don’t do puzzles or play cards . I’m not a runner . Never did trap shooting . Haven’t fished in years , neither fresh water nor salt .  Don’t sail or fly planes . Don’t even fly kites or race in soap-box derbies .

I bake bread once in awhile .  We could call that a hobby , couldn’t we ?  Walking ? Camping ? If an activity is done only once in awhile , is it still a hobby ? Why not ! We could call them latent hobbies .face 1890

A friend of mine collects Asian art and model sailboats . People build ships in bottles . People build model ships , planes , tanks . People hang-glide and scuba dive .

Once in awhile we meet people with odd hobbies . I know someone who collected sand from as many countries as she can .  She has , so far , an extensive collection . She doesn’t travel much , but she begs travelling friends of hers to bring her back small bits of sand from the corners of the world where they travel  .

People collect salt-and-pepper shakers . People collects sea shells . People collect stones from beaches . People collect dolls . People collect just about anything .

I want that collector of ear wax to surface . Where are you ?  It’s o.k.   It might catch on as a popular hobby . There could be ear-wax collecting clubs sprouting up all over . Maybe there already are .

Where did you say your girlfriend is this weekend ? Oh , yeah , at her ear-wax convention . Cool . Let’s take a look at your possum-scat collection .  I brought my toe nail collection to show you . I’ll go get it .


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2 responses to “informative ear wax and miscellanea

  1. Toni

    I was collecting dryer lint for a while. Used it to add in the mixture of hand-made paper. Bit, of I collected belly-button lint, why, that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

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