general sheridan

sheridan alone sheridan and 2 other gens sheridan and staff sheridan and staff 2 sheridan portrait        In 1864  the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac reorganized under the command of Maj. General Philip Sheridan .

gen sheridan and his generals

Sheridan was known for his rapid rise in rank to major general .  He had a close association with Grant , who transferred Sheridan from an infantry division in the west to a cavalry unit in the east .  Sheridan and George Armstrong Custer fought Gen. Early Jubal in the Shenandoah Valley . That’s Sheridan standing second from the left . Custer is sitting on the right .

Sheridan was present at Appomattox Courthouse when Lee surrendered to Grant . Sheridan gave the table on which  the surrender was signed to Custer as a gift for his wife .gen sheridan and tent

Sheridan later fought Indians in Texas and on the plains when Grant was President .  (Custer fought Indians too, up to a point  .)

During Reconstruction , Sheridan was appointed Military Governor of the Fifth Military District ( Texas and Louisiana ) .  He didn’t like Texas much . He said , ” If I owned Texas and Hell , I would rent Texas and live in Hell “.

He was , by the way , the ninth president of the National Rifle Association . He died in 1888 .

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  1. Love the quote about Texas

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