This is intended to be a post about shopping for a new refrigerator . I think that I can stick to the topic . We’ll see .

First of all , I would like to compliment anyone who doesn’t use the term refrigerator  but who calls it , still , the icebox . I wish that I did also , but somewhere along the line I lost   “icebox” and found myself saying refrigerator . It was a surprise to me and a mystery when and how and why  I had switched . I can’t go back to saying icebox ; it would be forced and pretentious , and that’s a  shame !  I don’t know when I lost icebox . Had I known I wouldn’t have .

Ada and I spent the day shopping for a new refrigerator . I had checked the internet . Then I had checked three or four stores to see the beasts in the flesh .weird man

We don’t want the ice-in-the-door feature . That limits our choice considerably . Most of the new ones have it . Friends of ours had a leak in the water line to their refrigerator and water ruined the hardwood floors in three rooms , so we are leery of a water hookup . I know , I know , it’s a chance in a million that such a thing might happen .  Nevertheless , better safe than sorry .

Give me a new refrigerator that fits in the space we have , please ,  but new . But no .

What cubic capacity do you want ?  Will 19.2 cu. ft. be sufficient ? Maybe you want more space . What about 28.8 cu. ft. ?   Somewhere in between ?  20.5  ?   23 ? 21 ?    How many cubic feet is the old refrigerator ? I don’t know .

Now , do you want the freezer on the bottom or on the top ?  Now doors : French doors with a pull out freezer ? French doors and a side-hinged freezer door ? Two long doors ?  Two side-hinged doors ? Hinges on left or right ?

Colors : chrome , black , or white ?  I suppose that they make them in various other colors . I knew a family who had a pink one . Everything in their house was pink . I saw a green one on TV.  A friend of mine has a yellow one . Seems like they should have red . Everything comes in red , doesn’t it ?  I think all refrigerators , at one time , were white . If the world had stuck to that , life would be so much easier .

” I’d just like to take another look at the one we liked at Sears  , ” Ada said , and so we went back again . We ended up buying one somewhere else , though . We wandered around to a few places . We got a great deal on a washer and dryer at OSH several months ago , so we checked there , but  OSH doesn’t sell appliances anymore .

” Thank god we don’t anymore ,” a clerk there told me .  ” Too much trouble “.

Tell me about it !odd poster


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  1. I don’t want to talk refrigerators. It just so happens, just today my ice maker died in my 4 year old frig and I despise ice cube trays!

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