on the passing of our refrigerator

dryer repair today 007I might get emotionally attached to a favorite shirt or coat , but I’m not one of those , I think , who gets attached to appliances . Some people have , evidently , a favorite blender or toaster or coffee maker . They just love it ! When the poor things finally give up the ghost , I suppose that the good-bye  can be very traumatic . It might be somewhat like the passing of an old friend .washing machine

I’m not that attached to my appliances . There was one old mixer that I insisted we keep well beyond it’s usefulness , though . I was kind of waiting until I could bring myself to spend the money to buy a new one ; but I could never justify spending the three hundred or so bucks that it would cost . Oh , but I’d get bread hooks with it to knead the dough ! It would have come in real handy . But we don’t have a big enough place for one of those , anyway . So , I wasn’t as much attached to the old mixer as pretty much dreaming of a better one .

And , if I were to develop a rapport with an appliance , I don’t think it would be the refrigerator . Refrigerators are the taken-for-granted beasts-of-burden up against the wall in our kitchens . We stuff our food in them , pile various things on top of them , and stick all kinds of things to their outsides . We use them all the time , but only really notice them when the power goes out and  we have to wonder how long the food inside will last .

Ada and I have been discussing buying a new refrigerator for some time now . She wanted the kind with what they call French doors ,  and she wanted a pull-out  freezer on the bottom . Fine with me , except that I hate spending money on a new one when the old one still works . That’s why we have been discussing the subject for some time .

I’m the type of guy —- well , I have a pair or socks that I bought in 1984 . I bought three or four pairs at the time  and over the intervening years some of them wore out , some of them the dryer ate , I guess . Now I am down to two socks . I doubt they were originally a pair , but they don’t seem to mind their  replacement  partner . I like to keep things as long as possible . I haven’t got Ada’s sense of style . She’d rather be up-to-date . Out with the old , and in with the new .old bike person

We were visiting one of my sisters recently . She is renting a house that has only one of those tiny refrigerators , the kind that fits, if you put them in carefully ,  two six-packs and , maybe , a package or hot dogs . Not much else . And the freezer might as well not pretend to be one : room only for one small ice cube tray ;  and whether or not it actually ever freezes is questionable . My sister was desperate for a bigger one.

So Ada announced to my sister that we were buying a new refrigerator and that my sis could have ours .

All of a sudden we were under pressure to shop for a new one .   ” Some time ”  had suddenly compressed into ” we need to buy one now”.   We found one and bought one . A black one . Slightly smaller than the one we  had . French doors . Pull-out  freezer on the bottom .

My sister lives four hours away . How to get her the refrigerator ?  I don’t have a truck . She doesn’t have a truck .  Turns out her landlord has a truck and he happened to be coming down our way last weekend and he volunteered to haul the beast up north . He showed up early  Monday morning at the door .100_2557

I do have a refrigerator dolly . That made life easy . Why I have that is another story . I got it at a garage sale when I lived in Hollywood about the time I bought the socks .  Another thing that  seems like I’ve had it forever . They make better ones now , lighter and more maneuverable . I sent mine up with the landlord , with the refrigerator , on a ” borrow only ” basis  . Ada said that the  shopping for a new one will be on me . She’s convinced  I’ve seen the last of the old one .  She was shaking her head and frowning when I told her how much new ones would probably cost .

I don’t miss the old refrigerator . We’ve had it around for about twenty years . I don’t remember buying it . It served us well . I didn’t realize how many refrigerator magnets we had stuck onto it . We had advertising magnets from real estate companies long since out of business . There was one magnet with Ada and I photographed  in New Orleans . That was a long time ago . There were magnet-attached recipes we’ve never ever used , the paper yellowed and curling .

Ada asks me : ” Don’t you love our new refrigerator ? ”  Well , I’d have to think about that question before I commit to an answer .   I’d have to mull it over for some time  . Love might be too strong of a word .100_2719


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7 responses to “on the passing of our refrigerator

  1. Ice maker died in mine. Must be time for a new frig, right? My dad used to say it was time to trade in the car when all the ash trays were full. (Now, they don’t even come with ash trays.)

  2. Since you first wrote this, the freezer went in ours and [thank goodness our neighbor was back north – we called and asked permission to use the one in his place.] 2 days later the entire thing went warm and we had to use the neighbor’s one to save our food until the replacement arrived. It wouldn’t have been so bad except the frig that died was only 7 years old!!!!

    • Update on ours : My sister moved out of her place a couple of months ago and left the old refrigerator ( still working well ) to her landlord . Your situation is a frustrating one !

  3. I’m kinda like you. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it . If it still works, why get a new one. I have some furniture that’s over 40 years old. It was modern when I bought it, now it’s vintage. Vintage is good. Right?

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