raze raise rent rent and wrest

Some words , I admit , I don’t like .

Some , maybe , I like more than others . Most though , I suppose , I take for granted and don’t have a strong feeling about one way or another . But there are some I just really don’t like . In English , American English , I’m talking about —- other languages I don’t know ; I’m not commenting on them . Maybe all of their words are just great , lyrical , expressive , non-ambiguously clear , whatever .

One of the words I don’t like is raze . I know , it’s not an everyday word , not used much , as a matter of fact . That’s irrelevant . I just don’t like it . Raze : to destroy completely .stained glass geometric

Well , first off , the definition is a little negative , a bit of a downer , isn’t it ?  But , that’s not my point . That’s not why I don’t like raze . I don’t like raze ’cause it competes with raise .  I know , I know , raze probably was there in the idiomocracy , the lingoscape , long before raise . Sounds like it was , anyway . Doesn’t it ?  Raze . More Saxon-English sounding  than raise . Raise is a lot more Frenchy-Norman English  . Isn’t it ? [note: linguists are not welcome to offer an opinion —- too many facts spoil the bile; this is not a research paper , you know ]  .

Did they raise a building over there on the end of town ; or did they raze a building ? —-  could be an important distinction .babe ruth 1919

aside :  Baseball coach whispers : ” Take the next pitch ” to me , the little league batter . That means don’t swing at it.  I was nine years old . He said take so I took the pitch , I swung,  and consequently  got chewed out later by the coach  . The other take , kid !  Wasn’t that clear ? No.weird man

I say , if we gots a perfectly good word for something , then don’t use the same word for something completely different . Yeah , even if it’s spelled different . Even if it’s spelled differently too . How about , since this is a free country , we all choose one of the two words , the one that we all prefer ( all ,  of course , meaning the majority of the tiny fraction of us who vote ) ,  and throw the other one away ? Avoid confusion . Stomp, squish , squelch ,  and erase  unneeded ambiguity . Have I razed your interest ?

Oh , yeah , there are other renegade words lurking out there in the wordosphere  . Probably lots of them . Did you rent your garment ?  Rent , as in tear apart ? Or , rent as in rent .

I just  might go raze some money at the Santa Anita track  now — the horses are racing —  , or take a rest for the rest of the day on the veranda .  Veranda’s a nice word , but maybe you prefer lanai . Or stoop . Or gallery . Use any one of these and the meaning is  , always , at least ,  porch ;  but not :   garage , or dump truck , or respirator , or ranch , or cow , or table , or evil , or candle , or tear down , or tear up , or whatever .

I wrest my case .Morro Bay Oct. 13 134


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4 responses to “raze raise rent rent and wrest

  1. I’m tempted to take exception to or raise an issue with you. I guess that means I just got caught up in your thought process – I like it when that happens.

  2. Pat

    My favorites have always been windy (breezy) windy (curvy) and read (present and past.)

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