books ; what ?

cowboy drawingI used to couldn’t read a book more than once .  Now I have a few books I’ve read twice , on purpose ,  and two which I’ve read three times . On purpose . I might could read one of them a fourth time if I might could leave a year or two in between reads .

I just finished a book by ………..who’s the guy who wrote  Lonesome Dove ?  This one offered the adventures of Gus McCrea and …….and………Call  in earlier adventures . McMurtry …….that’s the guy . Larry McMurtry .

I loved the movie Hud , with Melvin Douglas , Paul Newman , Patricia Neal , etc.  It is supposed to be a representation of one of McMurty’s books . What was that novel  called ?  All The Pretty Horses ?  ……….How about  Horseman, Pass By ?  ( Okey , I looked that one up ) .  I liked Hud  so much that I got on my laptop a few years ago and ordered a copy of the novel . Horseman , Pass By  has nothing whatsoever , it seemed to me , to do with Hud .   I mean not even close . Larry , Larry , Larry !  Did you cave so totally when the Hollywood people got to and messed with  your novel ?  Larry ? It’s okey , though , because in this case : great movie ; mediocre novel . So it’s okey , believe me ,  that the film and the book don’t even seem to even know each other . I hope ,  at least  , that Larry got away with a pile of movie money and didn’t have to suffer  much aggravation .cowboy lost trail poster

I liked Lonesome Dove , the movie , and Lonesome Dove , the film . One was just like the other, subject matter-wise  . And vice versa . Seems to me that that’s exactly what should be . Another McMurtry book , Last Picture Show , was made into an excellent movie .  I don’t remember reading the book , which  doesn’t mean that I didn’t read it . I sometimes accidently re- read books . Usually I get that strange been-here-before feeling soon enough , a few pages into the book .

While I was in Morro Bay recently for a week of vacation  [ I know ; I know . I’m retired . How does a retired guy have a vacation ? From what ? ]    I read a Larry McMurtry book called  Dead Man’s Walk . That’s the book about the Lonesome Dove  people in their earlier days . I  liked the beginning of the book , finding out what Gus and Call did before Lonesome Dove  .  cowgirl

I didn’t realize that I read the book before until the last chapter . I recognized the last chapter , every kind of bizarre scene in it . I didn’t catch on  until the last chapter , though  . Then I thought : Did I read only the last chapter last time around  ?  Was this chapter , maybe , misplaced ; should  it be  part of some other book , some book I once read ?  How could I have zero memory of any earlier chapter of this novel ? Weird .

Well , on second thought , not too weird maybe , since I don’t remember much anyway . I don’t remember authors or book titles . Ask me the title of the movie I just watched . You’ll see . Try to get from me the names of the stars in  films I’ve seen ?  Good luck . I can’t remember the name , or the author , of the book which I plan to read a fourth time,  someday , the book that  I like so much . That’s right , I read it three times and don’t know the author or title . I’ll think of it , though . Give me time .

I had blood drawn at Kaiser a couple of weeks ago . I had a novel under my arm . The phlebotomist asked me if I’d got it at a history museum . I didn’t know right away what she meant . It dawned on me , soon enough , that she  was talking about my  book.

” Don’t see too many books these days ,” she said . ” I have one of those reader  things ,” she said . ” I can’t think of what they’re called . ”

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a poor memory ——- Albert Schweitzer


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  1. I love to collect old books. Sometimes I find little treasures or inscriptions inside the cover and imagine the people giving and receiving the book.

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