For the last few decades I’ve gotten ( “gotten”– great old word ! ) up at 6:00 am and left the house at 6:30 to go to work . On weekends I wouldn’t , though ; I’m not a morning person .

But now I’m retired . There should be some retirement privileges , I think , like not having to get up early . I usually sleep now until  8:15 or 8:30 and  I stay up later in the evenings .

I know the world outside gets going well before I do . Live and let live , I say . To each his own . Go about your business ; do your own thing .   I’ll be sleeping .Metro arcadia sept 2013 008

My friend Willie H . gets to work at 9:00 am , so he sleeps in every morning . My friend Bill gets up early , about 4:00  or 5:00 . It’s his habit .He has his own business . My neighbor Don does the same thing , ie. gets up at 4:00 . Don  has an excuse , though . He’s 92 years old and he goes to bed about 4:00 in the afternoon .  Everyone’s different . So be it . Diversity is good .

But this morning the gardener across the street fired up his machine , which machine I don’t know , at 6:50 am . I was right in the middle of a dream . Well , as it turned out , I was at the end of the dream since I woke up . I can sleep through earthquakes , but I sure  can’t sleep with that leaf-blower , lawn mower , whatever -it-was racket going on across the street .

Now , had he waited ten minutes , I would have been resigned to it . Everyone has to make a living . The early bird catches the worm . I  admire initiative . Besides , the next door neighbor has already started her car and is about to be on her way to work . Joggers and dog walkers are already padding along the sidewalks . Life is beginning in Arcadia .

Bill told me that workmen , contractors , etc. , begin work earlier since the Olympics were held in L.A.  because at that time , to avoid potential traffic jams , et ceteras were told by the city leaders to get to work early to keep the freeways clear for tourists , sports fans , and those who were unable to alter their work schedules .  Yeah ,ever since then people start work earlier , Bill said . Bill’s the one who get s up at 4:00 in the morning  .  I guess he really took the city’s advice to heart .

But I’m sure there are noise laws . NO LEAF BLOWERS UNTIL  7:00 . I’m pretty certain  that must be one of the laws . This is a nation of laws , after all . Right ? Laws should be respected .

But there’s always the guy who bends the law . The gardener who fires up his noisy machine at 6:50 instead of waiting until 7:00 . Claims ignorance , perhaps : his watch doesn’t work . Or says no one ever complained about it ; that he’s always started before 7:00 . Or who defiantly proclaims the law stupid , abusively unfair , and wrong-headed , and it therefore should not be obeyed .

We let him get away with it , of course . That’s why he does it every week . I’m waiting for the owner of the house to stop him . Never happens . Maybe the poor slob has already left for work .  I’m waiting for some other sleepy neighbor to shout at decibel devil , maybe some loud and audibly  ugly , descriptively effective curse that stops the early bird’s too-early annoyingly disruptive noise forever . That never happens , though . I’m not a good-enough curser , or loud enough , or I would do it . Besides , I’m just trying to get back to sleep for a few more minutes . It’s not my job to stop this noise thug , this volume felon .

Just ten minutes later , buddy , and you’d be within the law . Have some patience . You’ll still make a living . Your Karma would improve significantly . You know : What goes around comes around .

Meanwhile , the 210 Freeway noise is always humming in the background . Other noises mask it most of the time ; but it’s there . I notice it once in a long while if I’m up, for example , at 3:00 in the morning . At 3:00 in the morning that freeway chatters loudly  ; it shouts . The freeway is about a mile away , but the noise travels  ; it backs up against our hills in an ampitheater effect .violin heifetz

Ada has some classical music playing as I’m writing this . It’s calming . It blocks the other noises that drive me crazy . The gardener , by the way , is gone . He only makes the loud annoying noise long enough to wake me up ; he finishes fast . He is loud only long enough , I guess , to be sure I can no longer enjoy my dream uninterrupted ; then he splits . That’s not nice . Maybe in his next life he’ll be a freeway .

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