rebuilt laptop

A couple of years ago I bought a rebuilt laptop . My friend Joe up in Portland had got me thinking about that . Joe had a rebuilt Mac and was satisfied with it .  I later purchased a rebuilt  PC . The Macs cost more .

I liked my rebuilt laptop . It worked well . I think I made a good choice — a lucky choice — but a good choice . But , eventually the thing gave up . It was starting not to turn on from time to time .  After several tries it would eventually start up . Usually , but not always . I could have continued this hit -or-miss nonsense ; but that’s no way to run a railroad .  Maybe it was only the “on” switch broken ; maybe not .

When I bought the thing I hoped that it would last at least a few months . During those months I would decide which new wonderful computer I should buy . The rebuilt PC laptop would be a temp . Before I spent a lot of money on a new computer I would need to investigate the possibilities . I didn’t , of course . I had a good-enough computer . So no rush . And then , as time went by , a sort of an out-of-sight  out-of-mind thing happened , and I never checked out the available laptop possibilities .Steve Pock electrical 002

So , now I’m back to square one . But , since I liked my rebuilt laptop so much , I ordered another rebuilt one — same model — why change horses in mid-stream ?

It arrived today . It was cheaper than the previous one —    one hundred and thirty bucks .   And in better condition than the other one had ever been .

So far so good . So far so good . I hope that  it lasts a few months . If it does I’ll have time to check out new laptop possibilities —  again . Back Yard Sept. 2013 084

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