getting lost

A few days ago I was driving around California gold country , northeast of Sacramento , exploring and testing roads new to me . I’m usually pretty good with a map . My car has a GPS  device , too , but I haven’t mastered it yet ; and , besides , I don’t trust GPS devices much . I had my CALIFORNIA  and MOTHER LODE maps open 0n the seat and ready .

I kept getting lost .  In Auburn  , for the life of me ,  I couldn’t stick to the correct highway . That should have been simple but it  wasn’t . I headed toward Chico but drove in circles at least three times , ending up again in the old town area , confused . Driving up CA 020 Driving up CA 022

I remember a story about Daniel Boone , the great Kentucky frontiersman , when he  was asked if he’d ever been lost .  Never been lost ,  he would say . I’ve been confused for weeks at a time , but I’ve never been lost . 

 So , maybe I wasn’t exactly lost . Just confused .

When I was in high school I worked part time for Redman Van and Storage in Santa Monica . Once in awhile I would be sent out in the boss’s car to have an item appraised or to pick one up that had been repaired . The company did a good job moving households of furniture , but  very often , one thing in each truckload would get broken   in the moving process . Some people would claim that the one broken item was a priceless family heirloom .  It needed , then , to be appraised . Or repaired .

In those days , if I had to go anywhere in Santa Monica I was fine , but some of the destinations were over the hill into the San Fernando Valley . That was a whole different animal . That was a horse of a different color . The Valley , to me , was a mystery . Still is , I guess . I got lost / confused every time and I spent much more time finding a place than I should have .

The boss had a new GTO . By the time I got back to the storage yard the entire office crew were outside looking for me . Me , I ‘m sure they didn’t care all that much about , but WHERE’S THE GTO ?   Is that stupid kid out joyriding ? Again ? Maybe he’s crashed it , the irresponsible crud .

Now that I’m remembering this and thinking it over , I suppose that my boss was  pretty desperate for someone to go out on those fetch missions . But he  sent me out again and again , and he wasn’t a stupid man with a short memory . He must have been desperately desperate to send me again , the poor lug .Driving up CA 004 Driving up CA 011 Driving up CA 016

In the gold country I abandoned one or two of my original road plans and I went with what roads I found .  I found that the roads were not well marked . Some , that were marked , were not on my map . I saw a couple of signs for LINCOLN HIGHWAY , but no listing of it by that name on my maps. It bugged me a little because I thought that I should know what the Lincoln Highway is ; but I didn’t .

I managed , somehow , to somewhat accidentally find a way out of the gold country . Thank heaven  I wasn’t interested in finding gold . I never would have done it , never would  have had a clue where it was , I guess , even if it were right there in  front of me .cowboy lost trail poster


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6 responses to “getting lost

  1. Pat

    That last double negative sentence makes my head spin. Nice pics though.

  2. Good to know that I’m not the only one 🙂

  3. Great story and wonderful photos.

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