the 34 top things learned by writing this blog

May 20070010First of all , if you are anxious to run through the list of 34 —- don’t hold your breath . There won’t be no list .  Besides , any list beyond, say ,  ten items , I believe  , should have been edited and condensed .    My title for this post is just a  judgmental  jab at list makers , especially at long-list makers .

So , we will move on . I would like to reflect on a few things that I have learned from writing this blog , however , nevertheless , wherewithall , heretofore , albeit ne’r do well if not be all and end all .


It doesn’t even have to make sense .

I’m not trying to make money on this , after all . You get what you pay for , after all . Some people will continue to read the blog , anyway , whether it makes sense or not .  Some people  ( I’m mentioning no names ) have read the nonsense in the paragraph above and are still plugging along through this post . Explain that .


It’s my blog so I put whatever I wish to into the posts .

From time to time I wish that I had a consistent theme to pursue as so many other bloggers whom I admire have . But I don’t . I thought that maybe a more particular theme would develop over time as I wrote , but no . Maybe education , for example , or travel , or local sites of interest , would rise and take over my blog . But , no .

NUMBER 3…………………Yeah , I know . I said there’d be no list . Did I say that ? Didn’t I say right off that I don’t like lists ? Well , to be precise , what I said was that there won’t be no list —- double negative .

I put a double negative in my previous post about getting lost . I hadn’t proofread the thing successfully . I was a bit rushed , I guess .  My sister  emailed me the information — double negative in the last paragraph . She both notices all of my typos , spelling mistakes , and grammar boo boos , and she is kind enough to point them out to me . Most of them I fix in order not to appear to be a dumb dumb . After all , believe it or not , people around the world check out my blog . I have some responsibility to appear to have some command of ze  English , at least some command of ze Amerikin English .  I don’t want all those people on the world to think that Americans are marginally-educated bozos .cartoon man

From time to time I intentionally stick grammar mistakes into my posts . I can do that ; it’s my blog .  It’s an attempt to be creative , to have a little fun with the written lingo . Why not ? [refer to NUMBER 2 above ].

I notice that you often put your peeves into your  blog , my friend Joe told me .  He and I were walking , at the time , up to Mt. Tabor Park in Portland .  What bothered Joe were all the signs the city had put up all over the park . It’s a city park , for Christ sake ,  Joe said .  Joe blogs. I should have suggested to him that he blog about the park signs . Blog it and get it out of your system , Joe .

I had blogged , early on , about my Catholic school teaching colleague Sister Agnes , whom I called Agony , whom I had inadvertently rented space to  in my head  and then she wouldn’t leave , squatted there , couldn’t seem to be evicted . Blogging about her got her out , though .  A dark cloud had drifted away .   But , I suppose ,  exorcising  Sister Agony from my psyche isn’t the same as trying to exorcise city park  signs . The signs will still be there hanging in the park to annoy Joe .

I’ve read several blogs . Most of them have a clear focus . People blog for several different reasons . Individual motivations are often right out there in the open , motivations that spark bloggers to send  their posts, one after another ,  out there into cyber space ,  on world view to invisible hoards of potential critics , risking whatever is risked by doing that .

I recently received a comment to a post I wrote way back in July .  I didn’t recognize the title of the post . Was it my post or did someone make a mistake ? KnucklSandwich   It concerned a country western lyric I had heard and a fight between two friends of mine and who knows what . Did I have examples of current terms that the kids are using for interpersonal conflict ? The commentor asked me that .  Me , an authority ? Ha . Although , it’s a fact that I used to teach middle school . Come back in ten or twenty or thirty years ago , I should have replied .scarecrow


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4 responses to “the 34 top things learned by writing this blog

  1. I knew there wouldn’t be a list. I DM one of the ones who think I get a good value out of following this blog. Themes are over- rated. Go random!

  2. I’m with you. I write whatever strikes my fancy or ticks me off. It’s like venting to the world. I love it!

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