It’s an attractive business card . The title is ROSA’S  CLEANING  CREW . Underneath that are the words : No mess its too messy .

My friends told me about the card . We were discussing proofreading and the misuse of English .  It’s a nice card , they told me . Well designed . Shame about the error .card 3

Unless it was on purpose , someone said . The tossed card was dug out of the kitchen waste basket to show me .  There it was waiting for me to see . Maybe it’s a kind of a joke .  Maybe . I was intrigued by the possibility . You want to keep the card ?   Sure . sure. I kept the card .

No mess its too messy  is , perhaps , great business card artistry , unusual humor , the tweaking of language to slash at stereotypes , at convention . Stir it up !  I was intrigued , and so I put the card in my shirt pocket .

I put the card in my pocket in Portland and forgot about it until Arcadia . Then I looked at it a little more carefully .

ROSA  ________    __________

House Appartment and

Office Cleaning

7850  se.  ___________  Rd  #12

Plortland  Oregon

Well , I was a bit disappointed .  It was all just common error , the No mess its too messy  subtitle . Too bad .

Now Rosa’s card becomes just another example of something that should have been proofread . I proofread my stuff ; I read and re-read . I , nevertheless , miss errors now and then .   Other people , I know ,  have someone else proofread their work — a good idea , I think . Depends on the reader , though , I suppose .

I’m not a perfectionist . I don’t mind a misspelling or a grammatical mistake here or there . I make them often .  But , come on ! .   If something is to be put out into the world for public viewing ,  proofread it .

I’m going to send the card back up to Plortland Oregon to my friends and  tell them about my discovery . No , the No mess its too messy  was just an error, I’ll have to inform them  ;  it wasn’t on porpoise .

arboretum oct 2013 038


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6 responses to “proofred

  1. I just discovered a type in a blog post from 3 months ago. BTW, I can’t see the picture 😦

  2. susan linker

    just shows to go you.

  3. It’s a typo either way……no apostrophe if it was intended:) A little trick I learned during my gazillion years as a newspaper employee (although I was never a proofreader)… the text forward and drawkcab!

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