music mysteries

One of my grandfathers  played the fiddle .fiddler and banjo player

Banjo music             Turkey In The Straw       Two fellas .

I wish I played the fiddle . Or guitar , or banjo . Or flute or french horn or saxophone or clarinet . Oboe ? Perhaps . Or the penny whistle .

I tried guitar . I bought a good guitar about 1978 with the intention  to learn . My friend Joe gave me a couple of lessons and then he told me that his suggestion would be that I stick with wind instruments . I eventually learned a few guitar chords . I had that guitar for fifteen years or more before I traded it to my sister for a camera . Maybe I could learn photography .

I finally gave my camera books which I had collected to another sister , who was actually learning photography,  and I gave the camera back to the sister who’d traded it to me .   By that time , unfortunately , the guitar was gone to Chicago , I heard . I hope it’s happy there in the Windy City and I hope that it takes good care and watches  out for hog butchers and all of that . Some day I’ll go to Chicago , too .

I borrowed a guitar from a friend of mine , just to try guitar again . I learned a few chords .  This time I bought an electronic tuner .  Weeks go by and the stringed thing sits in it’s cardboard case .  My friend has other guitars ; he doesn’t need this one . I check , periodically .

My original idea , a year or more ago when I borrowed the thing , was to test out my determination . If I felt like really learning guitar this time I would buy myself a decent starter guitar . That was the plan . Plans change , get put on hold , somehow slide into life’s omnipresent ether .  Thoughts of buying a guitar have been put on hold , postponed , anesthetized for now .

A  student at school years ago gave me a quick lesson on the violin one day after class . I thought : I could learn this !  ” Sure ” , he said , ” you could learn this .”  I didn’t.

I had a banjo for a few years . I’d bought it at a garage sale , or in a thrift shop . I don’t remember for sure . It was cheap . Soon I realized that it wasn’t worth being repaired .  I sold it , finally , to some enthusiastic guy like me , who had high hopes . I didn’t try to discourage him , but I gave him the hard facts about the broken banjo . He bought it anyway .  Good luck , man !  Hope you at least get your money back when your garage sale rolls around .

Ada and I watched a video of  a stand-up comedian last night . He had a bit about heaven — all you do in heaven is play the harp .  So , I was thinking : probably no use trying to play the harp . If I were to get to heaven I’d have all of eternity to learn to play . That should be about enough time .  But ,  if I should wind up in the other place , I know it’d be full of dudes like me endlessly and annoyingly  practicing their three or four chords on various what-in-heaven- would- have- been-musical  instruments  .

This is a slow-motion tale of hope and possibility , moving on a forward path  but gone temporarily astray from time to time  , lost in the desert , perhaps , for weeks or months or years at a time  . I know  ; I know : that’s no way to run a railroad !

I’ve never seen the devil create music . —–Little Richard 

I think I have time , though , to learn that guitar . St. Jerome said something like Haste is the Devil .  And remember : Haste Makes Waste .  And , how about : Fools Rush In Where Angles Fear To Tread  ?  Or : Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day . And , to paraphrase Willy Shakespeare : The man that hath no music in himself is a dull doofus . And , Martin Luther King said : We must accept finite disappointment , but never lose faith in infinite success ,  or something like that , although I know he wasn’t talking specifically about learning the guitar .

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 Cabin On a Hill


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2 responses to “music mysteries

  1. Wow! that’s a lot of attempts at musical instruments. Better to have tried and failed, than to never try at all. Personally, I just keep trying the piano and giving up over the past 50 some years.

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