judge’s order


I asked the marshal on the ground floor of the courthouse , after I’d gone through the security check , how I might go about getting a judge’s order . He suggested that I go to a courtroom and talk to the bailiff there .Courthouse trip to archives 006

I tried that and was referred to the information desk on the second floor of the courthouse  . I went over  there and waited in line . There were only a few of us waiting ; but there were only two clerks inside and the process was slow . The word  ” slow” , used here , is an understatement . The use of the word ” understatement ” , here, is also an understatement . You get the idea .

But , finally , my turn came and I asked the girl at the window how I might go about getting a judge’s order . I briefly explained my little predicament to her . She got up from her chair left .

I was aware of the stares of the people who had been waiting in the slow line behind me , but I didn’t look back . I didn’t turn and smile a comradely grin to indicate that we were all of us in this molasses-in-January together . We were all waiting , thinking similar thoughts . Weren’t we ?

I knew what their thoughts were, though  : Now , what the hell’s this guy asking for  ? How long is this gonna take ? It takes all kinds ! ( feel free to add  expletives here ) .

And , eventually , the girl came back to the window . She told me that she had asked her supervisor . Her supervisor had suggested that I write a letter to a judge . This girl had no clue and her supervisor had no clue , I’m pretty sure , how a guy goes about getting a judge’s order .

Thanks , I said . Thanks for nothing . They should change the sign above the window to :  INFORMATION . OR NOT .

When I got home I called a Superior Court judge . There’s a list of them on Google , with phone numbers . I got her clerk and quickly explained my quest .

That’s a new one for me , he said . What year did you say that case was ?

1927 .

And Archives told you you need a court order ?  I never heard that one before .  He suggested that I call Department 200 and ask them . He gave me the phone number .

I got a helpful woman on the phone at Department 200 . She asked me if the defendants were juveniles . If they were juveniles then the file would have a confidential hold on it . They were juveniles , but at least one of them had been tried as an adult . That could be it ,  she said .

I explained to her that I wasn’t an attorney — didn’t know anything about filing this form or that writ or that order , or whatever . She said , Just write a letter to the supervising judge and we’ll take it from there . Great ! She gave me the supervising judge’s name and an address to send my letter to .

So I’m waiting for a reply. I sent my letter . I hope that they don’t find out that I took photos in the bunker under the courthouse .  That might mess things up . I might get to see a judge , in that case , but for the wrong reason .Courthouse trip to archives 003

Courthouse trip to archives 004

old car with cops


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4 responses to “judge’s order

  1. Good luck, I look forward to reading whatever it is you want to write once you have the information you can’t get.

  2. Bureaucratic red tape gets longer and wider with each passing year – I’m shocked you finally found someone who knew who you should contact. Best of luck on the answer, but I’ll bet it will be a long time coming.

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