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worms of memory

When I was a kid , and the rains  came , earthworms would mysteriously appear and crowd into the gutters . The rainwater would flow and  always be full of squirming , wet , struggling worms .WORMS 003

We kids would dam the gutter with small berms of mud . That was entertainment for us in those days after rains .

I suspect that kids don’t play with worms  much anymore .  But , maybe they would if there were the hoards of  worms in gutters that there were years ago . They’d be posting pics of the worms these days , though , of course . What happened to all of the rain worms ?  Gutters don’t run thick with  worms after a rain anymore . Have you noticed that ?WORMS 002

If nothing else , it was cheap entertainment . We were probably wearing hand-me-down clothes , too , at the time , and maybe holding sticks that we were pretending  were weapons . And we were , after all ,  out on the street playing , unsupervised .  Kids don’t do that much anymore either , I think . At 6:00 we had to be home for dinner . Until then we played .  That kind of play , in general , I think , may be , unfortunately , obsolete .

Ah  , the joys of worm -catching in a muddy gutter ! I saw one lost solitary worm today squirming  in the gutter  and my mind wandered  .



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