WWI Posters

I am an American , but I do not believe that any of us loves a blustering nationality , a nationality with a chip on its shoulder , a nationality with its elbows out and its swagger on . We love a quiet , self- respecting , unconquerable spirit which doesn’t strike until it is necessary to strike , and then strikes to conquer .    ——–President Woodrow Wilson

banner quote conquer

pacifist banner 1917


poster wake up amer. dayposter bloody boot lib bonds poster amer. library assoc. poster food for france poster light consumes coalposter together we win POSTER spies are listening poster recruitment poster returning vets job service poster uncle sam


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2 responses to “WWI Posters

  1. You’re making me learn history again. I had to look up W.S.S. (war savings stamps) – thanks!

    • President Wilson believed that the war should be financed as it goes , but without the US borrowing to finance it . I guess we lost that belief later on , eh ? Thus , the WWS and extensive war bond drives . Once again , thanks for the comment .

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