If it were my buddy William writing this post , the title might have to be  mathsmanship , I suppose . William is a Londoner , was a Londoner anyway , and has sometimes talked about studying maths in school . Maths ?  Silly way to refer to math .Brit scene in Tom and Jerry's

I’m pretty much stuck in the archaic arithmetic  universe . Maths was never my forte .  Good thing I was never a rocket scientist , because the US would never have hit the moon . No chance . Wouldn’t have even come close . Instead of going this way , as needed , my rocket would have gone that  way . Presidents and world leaders  would have hung their heads in shame  .  Vodka bottle corks , as California Congressman Dornan was fond of saying , would be popping in Moscow .slide ruleI was lost in math classes as soon as the textbooks started mentioning integers or real numbers and rational numbers . Can’t we just keep this simple ?  Is it long division or short division ? —- that’s about my threshold of complexity  in math .  Irrational numbers ?  It was all irrational to me .  And , we haven’t even made it to algebra yet .  How about sine and cosine .  Calculus  ? —- forget about it . I’m just not computative . I had to  face that fact a long time ago . Complex numbers ?—-  You bet they were .

I got onto today’s  tale of math analysis after I read a post by a fellow blogger over at  No Facilities about questionable use of math lingo in political reporting .  It wasn’t the math stuff that inspired me to write about math . It is a well written piece , I think , as all of his posts are , but  math stuff doesn’t inspire me . Would that it were .  Or, would that it would .

I have friends who are good mathematicians . My friend Tom , a woodworker ,  ably  estimates  angles , lengths , and clearances , often to the exact centimeter before he even applies a ruler .  Tom  can figure  complicated calculations in his head accurately , means and medians ,  C to F temperature c0nversion , and stuff like that .  My friend Bill , a surveyor ,  knows how to tackle complex issues too , mathematically . Willie , the maths  guy , remembers his school maths and is able to explain clearly and precisely possible approaches to  measurement problems .  Not me .stain glass window

I was intrigued with one word in the No Facilities post : mathmanship .  Now , that’s nomenclature I can understand . Maybe , if all those math words in school had been different , were changed into words I could decipher ,  then I’d be in the math game today ,  tracking rocket trajectories , calculating , triangulating , and trigonometriculating  , perhaps , in various pre-eminent universities  around the globe . There is definitely a language barrier in math . [ eg. E to the two pie eye equals 1 ]   I’m not good at languages , and that’s one of the things , fur sure , that held me back in math class in school . Math block ? Sure . But I digress .

Is there a word  mathmanship ?  Better : Was there a word mathmanship  before now ? I think not . Anyway , it’s a new discovery for me . You learn something new every day .  It’s a great word : MATHMANSHIP .   A bit sexist , though . Mathpersonship , however, just wouldn’t fly . What do the language liquidators  do with marksmanship , or penmanship  ?  But I digress . And I egress .

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  1. Thanks for the call out. I’m glad something in that post could inspire something this cool – nicely done! My friend David ( commented on that post and corrected his use of ‘maths’ to ‘math’ in deference to the US location of my blog (I suppose). By the way, the slide rule in the picture looks very much like my Post VersaLog. I had lost it in college but my wife found one on eBay several years ago.

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