soup sequel

FREE ADMISSION ticketI don’t remember Vicky’s  Burmese name .  She said that the Burmese don’t use family names . Her name includes an ” oo” at the end . This indicates that she is the oldest daughter in her family . I may not be entirely correct about the sound  but, then again ,  I am not that friend of hers who speaks twelve languages ,  one of them being  Burmese . Burmese is Greek to me .

I was thinking about what Vicky said about her American name .  She liked and chose the name Victoria . Her sister-in-law , I think it was , or somebody , told her that Victoria was too formal for the USA , that she should call herself Vicky . So she does . Victoria is Vicky . I had a classmate in elementary school whose name was Victoria . We all called her Tory . I have no idea how she would have spelled it . But , if a person wants to be called Victoria , then I think that person should stick with Victoria . If you’re a Victoria , then you perhaps may not be a Vicky .victoria queen

I’ve been volunteering at the Arcadia history museum for about a year . The curator has always called me Daniel . That’s the name on my birth certificate. That’s the name I write on documents , documents such as the application to volunteer at the museum , but no one , much , calls me Daniel . Ada calls me Daniel once in awhile . Daniel is a good name . Daniel means : God is my judge .  There have been some powerful Daniels around : Daniel Webster , Daniel Elsberg , Daniel Moynihan , Daniel Day Lewis , Daniel Inoye , Daniel Craig…….But I’m not really a Daniel ,  except officially .Daniel Moynihan

How about Dannys —-Danny Devito, Danny Kaye …..When I was a kid I was Danny . I’m still Danny with Ada . Mostly I’m Dan now and not Danny . The hero in the novel I’m reading now is Danny Callaghan . Danny Callaghan is  a tough Irish  lad .  Some guys are Dannys . With some guys Danny fits . I used to be a Danny .

Danny . Jimmy. Joey . Timmy . Johnny . Pauley . Ronnie . Eddie. Becky . Jackie . Ellie .Vicky .joey_bishop-300x300

My mother’s father was Dan . My father’s father was Dan . Uncles were Dans. Well , one of the uncle Dans was called Joe . Joseph was his middle name . I’ve thought of changing to Joe , too . My middle name is Joseph , too .  My cousin is Dan . My nephew is Dan . We were all named Daniel Joseph .   By the way ,  not that it matters , but none of us could have been  an  oo .Danny Boy's Pizza


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  1. Also Dan, but you can’t call me Joe.

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