coulrophobia in a park

Seattle Fun House Sign

Some people don’t like clowns . Some people are afraid of clowns . Odd , eh ?

clown 2 scary

Ada and I went to a birthday party  once ,  long ago ,  in a park ,  for  a two-year old . The guy’s in his late twenties now , so he survived the park party experience . clown and woman

His parents hired a clown for the party . When the two year-old spotted the clown he screeched . Panic ! The screeches turned to desperate screams . The clown quickly removed parts of her clown costume , one by one by one .  Quicker !  Quicker , clown !

Clown 3

By the time  the hired clown had removed most of her clown clothes , her red-bulb nose , and her brightly multi-colored  clown wig , the little boy calmed down .

Eventually the birthday cake arrived from the bakery . The little boy was the center of attention . Everyone surrounded him . He opened the box dramatically , aware of his celebrity ;   he lifted the big cardboard top slowly .

What decoration covered the entire top of the cake ?Back Yard Sept. 2013 072

Flowers ?  No.B card 4     Baseball player ?    No chance .

clown scary 2

Yeah .fear of clownsCLOWNS .


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2 responses to “coulrophobia in a park

  1. I am one of those people – no clowns please.

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