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it’s raining

I am re-posting this from years ago . Rain has come back to the Los Angeles area  this winter , maybe even enough to open the fist of the several-years drought . Who knows . Things change .

The old canyon house , though , was sold a few years ago ( for a good price ! ) to a fella who wanted a man cave and a project . I figured that he would hold the place for maybe fifteen years or so and then sell it . As far as I know he didn’t do much if any work on it  . Now it’s on the market again after only about three years or so and he’s trying to just get his money out of it .

Timing ! Timing ! It’s all in the timing .

Good luck to him , I say , but some dreams die hard .  It’s a great place for the right person , though . A fixer-upper for someone with a dream and who’s handy with tools .

Anyway , here goes  :  canyon house 023Well , it’s finally raining in the L.A. area .  I know most of the country doesn’t care about that ; sees nothing unusual about winter rain . But we in SoCal  haven’t had much rain in so long we’ve forgotten that it’s wet .

I’m listening to the rain pound down around the house as I write this . It started last night about eleven and it’s predicted to continue all day , all night , all the next day , and then a little more .  I haven’t heard the thunder yet .canyon house 006

My little house in Sierra Madre Canyon is on its own for a few days . The city has probably closed the road up there during the rain . I expect the nearby hillsides to run mud down the streets even though the latest brushfire was a few years ago now . This rain will be heavy enough to do some damage . My house is safe , though , hiding down on its own away from the road . It’s at the bottom of a hill , sure ,  but not the hill that burned . My house’s hill is planted pretty good and should stay where it is .canyon house 032

The newspaper says this rain is filling up our reservoirs pretty quickly ,  but  that it won’t be enough to save us from our drought . We’d need several more of these storms .  I don’t think that the hillsides would stand still for that . Everything is a tradeoff . We have to take the good with the bad , I suppose , the smiles with the sad .

I should have closed the windows at the canyon house before the storm , though . Oh , well .

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