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yeah , I read about that in your blog………………

I’m getting to the point in this meandering blog where I don’t remember all of my posts ; forget many of them ; have possibly rewritten one or two accidently , having forgotten the previous post . That’s okay , though , I suppose .clock 2

Sometimes I begin to tell someone a story , some tidbit of interesting information ; begin to share , when I’m told : Yeah , I read that in your blog .  Okay , okay , you read that in my blog .  That could be a good thing ; could be a compliment ; could be stated acknowlegement that someone reads my blog and was impressed enough to  remember specific details . That could be it ; that could be one interpretation .

These determinations of interpretations are subtle considerations . One must summon one’s social antennae : listen for the breath and depth of vocal tones , judge the heaviness of the air pressure in the immediate vicinity , feel miniscule  degrees of temperature change , deftly read illusive  body language .  I always have the feeling when someone says : Yeah , I read that in your blog ………. that……………..

    Well , if they’d said : Yeah , yeah , I read that in your blog ,  it would absolutely be a rebuke  , two yeahs , as if to say : Cut it out ; quit bothering me with this stuff ! , as if  I  had been forcing my blog upon them , you know , against their will and they are fed up with it . Anyone who reads my blog against their will deserves what they get . While I have some empathy for those who read my blog ,   I have trouble feeling any sympathy for anyone who engages in such a silly use of their valuable time . After all , we are only given so much allotted time in the world  [ to you Reincarnationists   I mean : in your present form ].mask bolivia

Truth be told , when some friend of mine says : Yeah , I read that in your blog ,  I am overcome with a wariness , like a wild turkey’s  in the woods wariness  as it  decides  whether that  gobble,gobble  noise is another turkey , or is , on the other hand ,   a passionate Second -Amendmenter  waiting patriotically , hidden perhaps behind a rock or  disguised as a stump ,  with a locked and loaded M-16 .  

My daughter-in-law told me today :  Yeah , I read that in your blog .  I had begun to tell her about my research of the murder of the Arcadia police officer in 1927 .  Yeah , I read that in your blog .  I know that she reads my blog . She is Polish but speaks fluent English . She has a degree in the lingo , actually , with a specialty in the American version . So , I throw an idiom or two into many of my posts for her to wonder about . Actually , she probably knows more of them than I do , so I make a few of them up .

She knows  more English grammar than I do — that’s for sure . But , I maintain the unique distinction [ shared with about  313.9 million  others ] of being a “native speaker” , so she keeps hoping to learn something from me , I guess . I tell her that she missed that class session when they must have told the English -language American-version students  that Americans don’t really care , wouldn’t recognize good grammar if it walked right up to them  recklessly and smacked them in the kisser .

I used some variation of that line in Poland once when Ada and I went out to dinner with an old friend of hers and some woman . I say ” some woman ” snidely purposely . She might have been his wife . She might have been his girlfriend . I don’t recall which . When I tried my (  little ) exaggeration about Americans not caring about grammar  she began a vicious rant about Americans being ignorant classless slobs unprepared for a cultured existence in the civilized world , etc. , etc. It seems she had a son attending Oxford U.  Maybe he was on the Cricket team , but I doubt it . Most likely , if he was like his mother , his nose was way too high up in the air to focus on the batsman , or the bases , the bowler or the Cricket creases , or whatever specifics the game  requires .muffins crumpets

I should have told her :  Yeah , yeah , I’ve heard it all before . Two yeahs .  But , I think I simply sat there and silently listened . I usually don’t swear ,  and I had forgotten my M-16 , and I was probably way too ignorant to understand what her point was , anyway .  I probably said something such as : You must be very proud ,  but I was thinking  something more like :  #!?#X*!!?XZ!!!   and  the horse you rode in on !day of the dead figure



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