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a dream

I dreamt of Terry O’Donnell , Principal of St. Clement Elementary School , the first principal to hire me . Remembered most of it this morning . He was in a big office , in the dream , at Virgil Middle School . Virgil was the LAUSD middle school where I worked for 18 years . What Terry was doing there at Virgil I don’t know . The dream put him there .  Dreams , if indeed they have logic , maintain their own logic , and often they keep it pretty close to the vest .

I’m not used to remembering dreams now . At one time long ago I was . I even kept a dream journal where I wrote my dreams down every night . You dream every night whether you know it or not . I don’t remember dreams now . Writing them down , or keyword bits of them , I could recall dreams’ details . It got so that I couldn’t forget them . It got so they stuck with me all through the day  . Got so I couldn’t forget them .Btflyflower2day of the dead figure

Was he a monk dreaming he was a butterfly , or a butterfly dreaming he was a monk ? 

I had to quit my dream journal . Previous nights’ dreams were flooding my mind all day long . Had to use my limited brain to think of other things . Soon I got out of the habit of recalling dreams . There are   tricks and techniques to it , after all , remembering dreams .  It’s good to be able to lie there and let the dream details arrive calmly , taking their own sweet time to do it  . Alarm clocks are not friends of dreamers .

Terry was interviewing me in last night’s dream , I think . He was friendly , but somehow aloof , ostentatiously professional , a bit pretentious . I knew that he wasn’t going to offer me the job . He did way back in 1975 . The guy we called Wally , in this same , more or less, Virgil office did also hire me ,  in 1986 . But , I knew for sure in this dream last night , that I wouldn’t be getting the job .kafka drawing

I may or I may not think about this over the next couple of days . Dreams have meaning , after all . It’s fun , sometimes , to analyse them , try to decide the meaning . I don’t go for the cliche interpretations : the white horse , for example , means ……………..something .  I used to know some of these bits . I’m not a psychic , but I could study-up on dream meanings , get the low-down on the meaning of flying in dreams , for example , or nudity , or a black horse , or falling .   I’ll charge a dollar per dream analysis—- save on psychiatry costs  —- change your life forever .

I’d probably have to buy dream-interpretation insurance , however .  Someone could sue me for ruining his/her life .  Do psychics and fortune-tellers carry mal-practice insurance ? Not that I’d be telling anybody’s future , of course . But some people sue anyway .  We live in a litigious society .  I’ll have to check the cost of that insurance first . I might have to charge a bit more  unless ,  maybe , coverage is  already provided  under the Covered California Healthcare program .

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