clock faceclock5 clock 2 clock 4 clock grd 2 clock old


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3 responses to “clocks

  1. I love the one with the exposed portions of the mechanism.

  2. Melissa Hollingsworth

    The one on the bottom is definitely my favorite!
    I thought you might like to see another really amazing clock. It is a dutch design, made as a wall clock. It is titled (appropriately) ‘Time Flies.’ I think it’s a really nice functional piece of art. But then, I’m a little out there too….
    Here is the English translation of the description (since the entire page is in Dutch):
    “Who wants to know what time it is, does not have to look far. Without watch Time is everywhere: on your mobile phone, computer, TV, stereo, or oven. Amid all the displays, the wall clock is increasingly becoming a special object in space. The Tick-Tock Clock, designed for Habitat, depicts the explosion and speed of time. Three layers of different shades of stainless steel, which fleeting seconds, minutes and hours balancing, showing the passing of time ticking. The red second hand emphasizes the frantic pace at which this happens: time flies.”

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