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earthquakes and ratish debris

If you’re reading this and I’m already under a ton of debris , well , enjoy anyway . But , don’t hold your breath for the next post . Don’t worry about me . Dust to dust , and all that .SKULL

I read this morning in the newspaper that the San Andreas Fault slips and slides  , throws a major hissy-fit   big time  every 158 years , on average . These scientists must have been just about  my skill level of  math student   , though , because the next sentence in the paper stated that the last big one on the San Andreas was in 1680 . Let’s see …… every 158 years …………….and it’s 2014…………….

I guess that when I write the big one  people know what that means . Everyone in California is , more-or-less , expecting  the big one  some one of these days . I guess we’re about as ready for it as we’ll ever be , despite periodic news specials , fire department announcements , etc. , to try to prepare us for it . I should have said : that try to get us to prepare for it , for  the inevitable .

I , at least ,  have a wrench ready to turn the gas off , an extra roll of toilet paper stashed away somewhere , enough canned goods to live for a few days .  In other words , like most of my fellow statesmen ( ie. Californians ; not the other things ) , I am almost totally unprepared .  Being religious folk out here on the left coast , as everyone knows ,  we , I have to conclude , are putting the future in God’s hands . I don’t know about the atheists . Maybe they have water stored , and bandages , and a cache of small bills , portable toilet  , hand-crank radio………………..two skulls

Well , actually , I won’t be under tons of debris . That was an exaggeration. I’ll most likely be under the  shakings of a small 1941 wood-frame house , with it’s ratish attic debris . I don’t mean rat-ish as in harboring rats . If there were rats in my attic I’d have got rid of them right away ( not like the bats in my belfry ). I mean ratish as in ratish-looking insulation . Ratish is my new word , made up , as far as I know . Ratish , meaning no disrespect to rats , who can’t help being rats , after all . The attic insulation is really very ratish , though , and it should be said . I’ve been thinking about replacing it . Right after I get my earthquake kit ready , maybe .

I’ll be under a ton of formerly wall-hung plates , too , however , now that I think of it , and knick-knacks .  If  the big one has really been storing up its energy all those centuries , though , it won’t matter to me . I won’t have to worry . I’ll be swallowed up into the San Andreas fault ,  inhaled into the nostrils  of geologia  , spit out upon the smoldering remnants of the world we now know . That old world will be gone .

Mid-westerners will feel slightly better then , I suspect , about their exorbitant propane prices , as they watch TV .  Easterners will be grateful , perhaps , for their blankets of snow and their slippery roads . No earthquakes , at least , they’ll reflect , perhaps . Southerners will say , perhaps : Well , we can put up with a little ice . grandkids at huntington garden 128

We were talking about earthquakes today , after dinner . Ada and I were retelling tales of our earthquake experiences . Her son was expressing some hope that he’d feel one while he is here . His wife was asking how she should prepare the kids , four and eight year-olds , for the possibility .  Stay calm ,  first of all . Don’t  panic .

We have in southern California our brush fires , mudslides , and earthquakes .  And the drought — let’s not for get that .  At least it ain’t tornados or  hurricanes we have to worry about .  And an earthquake lasts only a few moments , after all ,  so maybe  we won’t worry about it right now .

But , if you don’t get my next post …………………….


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