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english knightIt was pointed out to me [ the pointer will remain unidentified ; you know who you are  ]  that my spelling of my new word , ratish , should be r-a-t-t-i-s-h .  So , I’ve been feeling just a bit rattish about mis-spelling it right from the start .

rattish : adj.

1. rodentalish , 2. poopalereous , 3. generally anti-accepticable , 4. having characteristics of rats

After not bathing for several days , I was feeling rather rattish .

Congressman Wilternwishe rubbed his whiskers in a rattish manner during the hearing . grandkids at descanso gardens 068

I was on the 210 Freeway today with the grandkids and their parents when a white van began weaving , swaying repeatedly into my lane . Maybe the driver was drunk .  Otherwise , I say , learn to drive and THEN get a license —- that’s the proper order . I honked .   My daughter-in-law said:   Why did you horn him ?  

He was coming into my lane , I explained .

I like Why did you horn him ? .  That’s Ada’s expression as she was learning English in earlier days . My daughter-in-law was intentionally using Ada’s expression . It fits all the rules of English , I said . And it does . 

I didn’t tell Daughter-in-law that I  really don’t know all of the rules of English . She lives in Poland ; has an advanced degree in American English , and thinks , I think , that she SHOULD know all of the rules of English . To be honest , I’m not really sure there is a set of rules of English any more . Didn’t we toss that out back about the Nixon administration ?  Maybe not . I don’t remember .


That’s exothermic progressive  genitive positive  case , isn’t it ?

I thought it was hard case ?

Are you kidding ? Really ? Did you mean hard conditional pro-genitive reflexive ?

No. I mean , yes . 

That’s the first rule we learn is Poland . You can’t use hard case translucent conditional progressive , except during leap years , and then only in the potential case . 

They got rid of hard conditional in this country .

Really ? Are you kidding me ?


I’m going to have to throw out all of my books ! They’re all wrong .

Toss ’em . Americans don’t give a damn . We tossed ours out years ago .

Doesn’t that make you feel rattish ? 

Not at all .  Maybe during leap year .

Wow !  grandkids at descanso gardens 050


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