english knightIt was pointed out to me [ the pointer will remain unidentified ; you know who you are  ]  that my spelling of my new word , ratish , should be r-a-t-t-i-s-h .  So , I’ve been feeling just a bit rattish about mis-spelling it right from the start .

rattish : adj.

1. rodentalish , 2. poopalereous , 3. generally anti-accepticable , 4. having characteristics of rats

After not bathing for several days , I was feeling rather rattish .

Congressman Wilternwishe rubbed his whiskers in a rattish manner during the hearing . grandkids at descanso gardens 068

I was on the 210 Freeway today with the grandkids and their parents when a white van began weaving , swaying repeatedly into my lane . Maybe the driver was drunk .  Otherwise , I say , learn to drive and THEN get a license —- that’s the proper order . I honked .   My daughter-in-law said:   Why did you horn him ?  

He was coming into my lane , I explained .

I like Why did you horn him ? .  That’s Ada’s expression as she was learning English in earlier days . My daughter-in-law was intentionally using Ada’s expression . It fits all the rules of English , I said . And it does . 

I didn’t tell Daughter-in-law that I  really don’t know all of the rules of English . She lives in Poland ; has an advanced degree in American English , and thinks , I think , that she SHOULD know all of the rules of English . To be honest , I’m not really sure there is a set of rules of English any more . Didn’t we toss that out back about the Nixon administration ?  Maybe not . I don’t remember .


That’s exothermic progressive  genitive positive  case , isn’t it ?

I thought it was hard case ?

Are you kidding ? Really ? Did you mean hard conditional pro-genitive reflexive ?

No. I mean , yes . 

That’s the first rule we learn is Poland . You can’t use hard case translucent conditional progressive , except during leap years , and then only in the potential case . 

They got rid of hard conditional in this country .

Really ? Are you kidding me ?


I’m going to have to throw out all of my books ! They’re all wrong .

Toss ’em . Americans don’t give a damn . We tossed ours out years ago .

Doesn’t that make you feel rattish ? 

Not at all .  Maybe during leap year .

Wow !  grandkids at descanso gardens 050


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11 responses to “rattish

  1. I like that expression “horn him”

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Need to pick up some radish seeds for the spring garden. Thinking of putting in some Pink Beauties this year.
    OE rædic < Latin radix: radic = ‘root.’
    As for horning him, hoorning in [hoooorrrrrnnnn!] I'm thinking what a cornucopia of cars is the LA freeway.
    Hit the horn. Honk the horn. Is honk the same in English as Polish?
    honk róg?
    Remember the two bugle horns I had on the side of my white VW?
    Great post.
    Rang the horn radishly.

    • My sister e-mailed me to say that horn is a noun . I replied : not any more . Not a thing to do with pink beauty radishes , Joe . Thanks for the comment and the compliment .

      • Ah! Parts of speech again. I should have known. It must be all the sun down there. Too much of it. Too much too, all the horning going on. Everyone running around red faced from too much sun. She thinks horn is a noun because in LA the horns are so constant – the horn is a person. Elsewhere, horn is more often a verb, as in gore and gored = horn and horned. Still, though, it may be too early to dismiss the radish in all this, as in: the radish faced man pinked at his horn when he should have red-lined it sourly. Radical.

      • You have the wisdom of the radishes , of course , and have always been the Moses of the parting of the speech .The red-line , by the way , was discontinued in the late 50s or early 60s in L.A.

      • The wise guy cuts up. Portland names their light rail by color: Blue Line, Green Line, Red Line. Buses though get numbers: Line 15.

      • I waren’t clear : our light rail nowadays is by color , too . The old Pacific electric system had the Red Cars .

  3. As to the rules of English – I have a copy of the Chicago Style (supposed to be like a Bible for English) and I can’t even understand half of it!lol Loved the post.

    • Thanks for stopping by . A guy who writes as you do has internalized the lingo and doesn’t need to refer to a rule book . That’s what I think ; but , of course I make mistakes often . I think it doesn’t matter except to linguist purists . Gives purists something to do .

      • I wrote an email one time to ask someone a question and he gave me 8 corrections in my grammar, and did NOT answer my question! I reread his answer 3 times because I couldn’t believe it!LOL

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