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clocks 1

clock watch

clock turret old

clock rolling ball

clock old

clock grd 2

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licking glaciers 1

queen of heartsenglish knightI’ve been trying to start a post about licking glaciers and being your own worst enemy and the warm weather we in southern California have been having . Maybe I’d throw in a little about my recent dreams , some elements of them  definitely school-related .


Something, too ,  about not showing up to a gunfight armed only with a knife .english knightenglish knight


booby trap

There has to be a guillotine in there :guillotine

You’re right , of course ; it doesn’t make any sense . Maybe if I throw in a 1000 year-old broach :broach 2

I wish I could say the broach helped . I don’t think it did , though . An old Scottish chess piece ? : chessman scot.

You take it from here .

A musician ? :cello man player

Too late for Queen Victoria , I suppose .

thimble with queen victoriavictoria queenI might need an editor .

I have noticed that nothing I never said ever did me any harm—–Calvin Coolidge

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