old L.A. photos

bicycle police LA 1904 Bicycle police  1904spring and 3rd 1891Spring and Third  1891

spring and 1st 1889Spring and First  1889

spring and 3rd 1905Spring an Third  1905

L A  1906 1906

L.A. 1930 1930

pershing square 1935 Pershing Square area  1935

train station 1875 Train station  1875

train station 1882 2 Train station  1882

Western Ave 1924 n from 1st. Western and First  1924

main and temple 1926  Main and Temple 1926


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4 responses to “old L.A. photos

  1. The progression through time is cool. In the 1930 shot, is that the building always featured in Dragnet?

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