tikis , leprechauns , and smell the roses

blog stuff garden house 005irish peasant farmer  I decided to consult the tiki about my blog posts . The tiki consulted with his buddy , the green tiki . They hang out together on the wisteria trellis .

The green tiki wouldn’t say much . Didn’t . Well , they don’t , those tikis .  blog stuff garden house 001

There was a little gnome in my oregano patch . I hadn’t noticed him at first . He was happy ;  I think he was gleeful because he pretends to be a leprechaun on Saint Patrick’s Day .blog stuff garden house 007

”   Merely foppery !  ” said the pair of leprechauns standing among  dishes .

blog stuff garden house 018

Had they put the sign on the door ?blog stuff garden house 017

I asked them in my best Gaelic : ” Where’s the pot of gold ? ”  But , they didn’t get it .  I didn’t demand it , ’cause they would have had , then , to turn it over . That’s the  rule .

blog stuff garden house 050blog stuff garden house 049

I went out back again to consult the chief tiki.  Hey , why would I want a pot of gold ? Might ruin my life . Wouldn’t be the first time that kind of thing happened to someone  . What do you think , tiki ?blog stuff garden house 006

Tiki seemed to say : Take time to smell the roses . blog stuff garden house 016

Then ask around . Get an idea what people are thinking .blog stuff garden house 020 blog stuff garden house 042 blog stuff garden house 041 blog stuff garden house 040 blog stuff garden house 043 blog stuff garden house 048 blog stuff garden house 047 blog stuff garden house 046

I consulted Honest Abe . He was sullen .blog stuff garden house 030

I decided : why not !  Demand that pot of gold !  But , when I went back…………..blog stuff garden house 051

……………………..yeah , They were gone . Leprechauns do that .

irish coins



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4 responses to “tikis , leprechauns , and smell the roses

  1. About the best St. Pat’s ever!

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