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I walked over to the Arcadia light rail station.Metro April 2014 030

I guess I was about 65 years late to catch a trolley .Metro April 2014 004


Metro April 2014 005

Or a year or so too early .Metro April 2014 034

So I didn’t wait for the train .st car 8

I would have gone over to the Oakwood Hotel for a beer , but it burned down a hundred years ago . All the old saloons along First are gone  too .   The groceries , pharmacies , shoe shops , and  Gas Company office that replaced them are all gone , too . arcadia oakwood hotel


arcadia city hall 1924


Metro April 2014 010

I’ll try again in a few months . Meanwhile , I’ll let the  professionals  take care of it . I’m sure they know what they’re doing .architects 1931 dressed as NY buildings



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