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tikis , leprechauns , and smell the roses

blog stuff garden house 005irish peasant farmer  I decided to consult the tiki about my blog posts . The tiki consulted with his buddy , the green tiki . They hang out together on the wisteria trellis .

The green tiki wouldn’t say much . Didn’t . Well , they don’t , those tikis .  blog stuff garden house 001

There was a little gnome in my oregano patch . I hadn’t noticed him at first . He was happy ;  I think he was gleeful because he pretends to be a leprechaun on Saint Patrick’s Day .blog stuff garden house 007

”   Merely foppery !  ” said the pair of leprechauns standing among  dishes .

blog stuff garden house 018

Had they put the sign on the door ?blog stuff garden house 017

I asked them in my best Gaelic : ” Where’s the pot of gold ? ”  But , they didn’t get it .  I didn’t demand it , ’cause they would have had , then , to turn it over . That’s the  rule .

blog stuff garden house 050blog stuff garden house 049

I went out back again to consult the chief tiki.  Hey , why would I want a pot of gold ? Might ruin my life . Wouldn’t be the first time that kind of thing happened to someone  . What do you think , tiki ?blog stuff garden house 006

Tiki seemed to say : Take time to smell the roses . blog stuff garden house 016

Then ask around . Get an idea what people are thinking .blog stuff garden house 020 blog stuff garden house 042 blog stuff garden house 041 blog stuff garden house 040 blog stuff garden house 043 blog stuff garden house 048 blog stuff garden house 047 blog stuff garden house 046

I consulted Honest Abe . He was sullen .blog stuff garden house 030

I decided : why not !  Demand that pot of gold !  But , when I went back………… stuff garden house 051

……………………..yeah , They were gone . Leprechauns do that .

irish coins



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old boston

boston beacon street mallmatching :

____Old State House

____Bunker Hill memorial

____Old North Church

____Old South Church

_____Beacon Street mall

____Public  Library

___Faneuil Hall

____ old State House

____Trinity Church

____Customs House

boston bumker hill monument boston fanueil hall boston old north church boston old south church boston ols state house boston public library boston state house boston trinity church


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pagan babies


When I attended Corpus Christi Catholic School in the 1950s and 1960s there was a program we all called Pagan Babies . Each classroom was given small cardboard collection boxes . The teacher had a stack of them . They folded out .

The idea was to collect money from students , nickels and dimes , for charity . Maybe the program was intended , at least partially , to teach us generosity . When five dollars was collected the box would go……….somewhere ……..and a new box would be folded out by the teacher .

But , here’s the thing : When the class had five dollars then that class got to name a pagan baby . Yeah . We thought up the stupidest , weirdest names we could manage and , as I remember, the teacher wrote that name on the box with the five dollars and it went…

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a few garbo photos

garbo 1939garbo 2 garbo 3 garbo 4 garbo 5 greta garbo

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a few presidents

John Tylerjohn tyler

rutherford hayesrutherford b hayes

andrew johnsonandrew johnson

james a garfieldjames  a  garfield

woodrow wilsonwoodrow wilson

Grant in chairu s  grant

Taft golfing

william howard taft


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archival bonds

irish brooch 3    I keep hitting PUBLISH  accidently . That’s an annoying thing to do . I can’t , then , figure out how to UNPUBLISH  right then and there so I hit  TRASH .  I hate to hit TRASH  because then the paragraphs written , and any photos chosen , are instantly gone , and they are not trash , after all . Maybe they’re not yet proofread , re- written , honed and polished . But , I’d hate to consider them , and I don’t , trash .

Not that I haven’t written trash . Oh ,  no . Once in awhile I finish an entire post , let it ferment for a day or so , re-read it , and push the TRASH button .  Gone !   I’m sure there is a TRASH  pile somewhere with all my TRASHed pieces there , sitting and fuming , harboring pernicious thoughts , planning escape , staging hunger strikes in the meantime , plotting chicanery , clandestinely fashioning crude weapons  from whatever materials are at hand .

I’d free one or two or a few , maybe , of those pieces if I knew how , if I knew , really , where they’d gone . They were innocent , after all , accidently imprisoned . To the Devil’s Island of blogs , I guess , the Alcatraz-like destination for the insidious crime of  percolation of  persiflage although  perhaps negligently perpetrated , but , nevertheless with intercontinental impact . That’s  Special Circumstance …….

But , I digress .

I wrote something about my investigation of the cop murder here in Arcadia in 1927 . I had three or four paragraphs down on paper —– well , on  paper only figuratively . Actually there they were  under a rectangle of glass — not a window —- framed in metal . There they were riding , somehow , on the lid of my laptop , stuck to the screen  , not sliding down . Sticking there , calm but ready to move at any moment . I would be in extreme tension if I were one of them , if I were any of those letters or punctuation marks , not knowing what might come next . Shift !  The next letter deleted . Backspace . The previous word gone , only to be instantly replaced with another .  Too much anxiety for me , too much stress of uncertainty !  We have to give those words and marks credit , I think , for incomparable courage , for bravery exhibited in the heat of battle ……

But I digress .

One of the three boys sitting in the stolen Ford Touring car had made a statement , reported in the Evening Herald , or was it the L.A. Times , that they had been parked in front ” of a barbecue joint ” that they intended to rob because they had heard it was ” easy pickin’s” .

So , what barbecue joint ? Can’t trust everything you read in the papers .   The current Arcadia cops say the barbecue joint was a place called The Wigwam . The Wigwam was about two blocks away from where the car was parked . Seemed a little too far away to me to have the  ” parked next to ” statement make sense .

So I checked with  the city building department . What building was on the corner next to the murder scene in 1927 ?  The building department had digitalized their files . That corner was missing , though —- no record what , if anything , was there .

The cops say the boys intended to rob The Wigwam , but , besides being so far away from the murder scene , the place wasn’t called The Wigwam until 1931 . The murder happened in  1927 .  And , from photos of the place in 1927 , I’m pretty sure there was no barbecue . They sold wicker furniture , fruit juice , and vegetables . Maybe there was a barbecue joint there too , but I doubt it .

The Arcadia librarian who handles the historical collection told me that the boys planned to rob a place called O’Dettes  over on Huntington . Huntington is a quarter mile or so away . No way . I wondered where this information came from and then I saw it written in the court file as part of the defense counsel’s request for instruction to the jury . That’s where the librarian got it .  It’s still misleading . No , they weren’t planning a robbery over on Huntington .  I’ll tell you how I know .

I was paging through Arcadia City Council minutes for 1927 to 1931 . Oh , yeah , they have them available for  odd nosy birds  to peruse . It seems the city was widening that part of Foothill Bl in 1929 . Those who owned lots on Foothill were listed , in order . They had quitclaimed , for $10 each , enough of their land so the city could install a pipeline . The guy who owned the corner lot in question , the one next to where the murder took place , was named Robt. Jensen .buick 1925 2

Page ahead to 1931 .  The Council minutes list applicants for  liquor licenses .since Prohibition was done . One of them is Robt. Jensen . His business is listed : Walker Barbecue . Same corner ! That’s got to be the barbecue joint they were parked in front of and planned to rob .

For those of you following my rambling blog  , maybe you noticed my reference to court documents (above) . I wrote a couple of posts about unsuccessfully hunting down the court documents at Superior Court Archives , etc .  I was told that what I had requested was ” confidential ” . I was told this , and I was told that . And then I saw the stack of court records on the librarian’s desk . In 1996 the chief librarian had , evidently , written for them . The head honcho of Superior Court Records had simply sent them to her accompanied by a nice letter signed :  ” Yours in Archival Bond , ”   .  Sweet , eh ?


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old streetcars

st car 8 st car 9 st car 10 st car 11 st car 12

st car 13 st car 15 st car 16st car 1 st car 2 st car 3 st cars 4 st car 5 st car 6 st car 7


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