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more yard flowers……lilacs



Recently I published a post showing  photographs of flowers around the yard . Ada wondered about the lilacs . Where were the lilacs ?

So here they are , the blooms that remain :LILA 004


LILA 006

LILA 001

LILA 002


I’ve managed to propagate a few more plants .



LILA 009


LILA 011

LILA 015

LILA 010

So , there you have it .  flowers yard april 2014 102


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Was Jesus Wrong ?

jesus stained glass kneelingI saw a Facebook post from a New York friend of mine  which cooly  said that  proof has recently come in that Jesus was married .  I admit that I don’t stay current on Jesus news . I’m willing to go with the marriage conclusion . I only know what I read on Facebook .

It could just be that the guy wearing the beret who came in to the Assistance League counselling center years ago when I was the security guard was a Jesus descendant . That has not occurred to me until today . He had flown down from San Rafael ( CA ) , he’d said , and he was GOD . The secretary at the agency had listened to him for a minute or two . When he said he had just flown down from San Rafael she asked him on which airline .  ” No , I flew ,” he said , and flapped his arms . Oh. You never know .

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t Jesus who coined the phrase : ‘My way or the highway’ .  I have heard something about him casting the moneylenders out of the temple .  I don’t think , though , that he hated moneylenders .  I suppose that he didn’t have much need for money , as it happened  . (His wife may have had a different opinion , though . )When he had a crowd for dinner he multiplied loaves and fishes . On other occasions he changed water into wine . And he seemed to wander around the countryside a lot , sleeping under the stars , I guess .  But , from what I know about Jesus , he wanted people to love one another . I think that was his number one rule . ” Above all else …..” he said , I think .

I’m not sure Jesus had this world pegged right , as it happens . I think he may have been a little too John-the-Baptisty , a little too idealistic , too much of a dreamer .

Did he have a sense of humor ? That would be important information , in my book . I’ve only met a few people with no sense of humor . People gotta have a sense of humor . Jesus should have seen a little more humor in life , I think , maybe . Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t .

And this sacrifice thing . ” Forgive them , for they know not what they do ” , or something like that . Right ?  What was GOD dad thinking then ?  Right at that moment .  Like : The good die young ?  Like : Holy ghost !  Like : O.K. , no more Mr. Nice Guy, Roman dudes; your empire’s toast !   Or , was the old man watching from up there in heaven and just shaking his head and mumbling  : ‘ Jesus Christ ! ‘

Which reminds me of what I’ve heard of old GOD up in heaven supposedly  punishing groups of people for sinning against HIM , ie. gays , Muslims , abortionists , etc.  But , of course, I’ve also heard at the same time : We are all sinners .  There’s a disconnect .  Houston , we have a problem . Cake and eat it , too , time ?  god book  Let the one who is among you who is without sin be the first one to cast the stone .——–J. C.

I wonder if God’s split personality is a problem . Three people in one ?  Maybe HE could get into a therapy group . Holy Spirit should go , too . Jesus , although way too busy , should make time to participate , too . There’s still hope . My opinion .

So if Jesus married then  maybe he had kids . They may have had kids. Then they may have had kids . Etc. , etc. , etc.  Finally , in a Hollywood counseling clinic , in walks GOD , namesake of the original one , having flown down from San Rafael , California .

Jesus Saves ?   Maybe he died with that belief in his heart . GOD the father should have clued him in . The Holy Spirit could have whispered a hint to him , clued him in to reality . Just my opinion . Hey , open a newspaper . Listen to Congress .  I’m not GOD , of course . What’s the opposite of omniscient ? That’s me .   But , man , look around !   Saved ?

He maybe should have stuck to carpentry . Joseph would have taught him , I’m sure . Honest work . He could have minded his own business , supported his family , argued once in awhile with dissatisfied customers . Maybe he could have designed cool furniture or gone into the home renovation industry .  It was his choice . God wouldn’t have minded , I suspect . Everyone has , I’ve been told , free will .

But , no , Jesus had to try to save the world .

I wonder what his wife was like , if he was married . Maybe he felt an urge to go out with the boys from time to time , wander around , speak his mind . Maybe the kids, if he had a passel of them ,  got on his nerves . Maybe his wife  tried from time to time to talk sense into him , too , on the other hand .jesus

” Stick with the carpentry , J , a little while longer ; a few more years . Quit hanging around so often with that gang of drifters . It’s only going to lead to trouble . ”

Maybe he didn’t listen to his wife and maybe he should have . She probably watched him wander off with those apostles  , shook her head back and forth sadly , and  mumbled…………..well , you know .

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spring flowers in the yard

Maybe you should be in southern California . Things grow . Here are some of the yard blooms at the end of April ( despite the drought ).

flowers end of april 002

flowers end of april 009

flowers end of april 019

flowers end of april 025flowers end of april 027

flowers end of april 033

flowers end of april 034

flowers end of april 038flowers end of april 043

flowers end of april 058

flowers end of april 059

flowers end of april 047


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the quarter tip


Day-to-day  substitute teachers have a tough row to hoe . I’ve done my share of it .  Between jobs at one point , I  subbed for an entire  year , mostly with Glendale  School District . I’ve met a few people who substitute teach for a living . That would be hell .

So , once upon a time , long , long ago , I decided that it would be a good idea to leave a quarter for the sub whenever I was out , with a friendly note . ” Buy yourself a coffee ” it said . At that time the cafeteria coffee was $ .25 .   Well , it wasn’t  much , a token kindness I thought , a welcoming gesture .library

I wasn’t out from school much , and I never gave much thought to the quarter left for the substitute —– sorry , the ” guest teacher ” .

One day I returned after an absence and on my desk was a note . Usually the guest teachers  would leave a note about how the day went and what was or was not accomplished . This note, however ,  spoke only about the twenty-five cents ( if , indeed , notes are able to speak —- you know what I mean , though ) .  Angry note . Outraged note .  Enraged guest teacher . ” I can afford my own coffee ! ” the person had scrawled . The quarter was taped to the note .dragon red

Must have been an especially tough day with my classes . Middle School ; what can you do !

I “revisited” the whole idea about leaving a quarter for coffee.   It could be interpreted as an insult , a put-down , a patronizing action. Of course , this particular sub may, on the other hand ,  have been a nut case . But , I abandoned my little welcoming gesture of leaving a quarter . I decided that “Welcome!” and ” Good Luck !” on the top of the lesson plan would have to be enough .  What do they say  : Let no good deed go unpunished ?


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Some cool pics of the Imperial Beach pier.

Another San Diego tour from Cool San Diego Sights .

Cool San Diego Sights!

Abstract surfboards welcome people to Imperial Beach pier. Abstract surfboards welcome people to Imperial Beach pier.

Imperial Beach lies south of downtown San Diego, at the extreme southwest corner of the continental United States. The Imperial Beach pier is just a few miles from Mexico. This beach community is a perfect example of laid-back southern California, mostly just locals kicking back, a smattering of tourists, and a good vibe all around. The days are sunny and people are friendly.

Come stroll with me toward the pier and let’s see what’s going on!

Colorful surfboard arches frame a pier visitor. Colorful surfboard arches frame a pier visitor.

Lifeguard tower behind palm trees and flags. Lifeguard tower behind palm trees and flags.

Benches near the pier are made of surfboards! Benches near the pier are made of surfboards!

Imperial Beach pier beckons from the sand. Imperial Beach pier beckons from the sand.

A few people on the beach on a spring weekday morning. A few people on the beach on a spring weekday morning.

Looking down the length of the Imperial Beach pier. Looking down the length of the Imperial Beach pier.

Fisherman cuts bait at one of the public sinks. Fisherman cuts bait at one of the public sinks.

Gazing down at the blue Pacific on a nice day. Gazing down at the blue Pacific on a…

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volunteering at the museum

I have a box of old tools to go through .
GILB museum 018



I describe each item and photograph it from different angles and then hit the keyboard and enter it all in the database .








It’s not the most exciting kind of work to do .  Sometimes the challenge is to describe the item in accurate detail .GILB museum 011


GILB museum 002

I come and go when I want . No stress . No deadlines . No office politics . GILB museum 020


GILB museum 021


GILB museum 026   I thought that I had finished the tool collection  but the museum curator brought out another box . The local Historical Society had left them here some time ago . GILB museum 023


So , on we go .GILB museum 034


GILB museum 032  What is it ?











Does this hint give it away ? :GILB museum 033

How about this one :GILB museum 030



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me and my reflection

Little DannyDan at Hadrian's WallBorrego Springs trip Mar 14 023      Some ideas hit me a little bit late . Once every so often I suddenly get a concise and comprehensive insight on an event . Often , it seemed ,the insight arrived in the middle of the night like a night stalking  burglar  . The  moribund bulb one way or another brightly lights up . Years late , sometimes . But still .

Lately I’ve been pondering what college I should have gone to . I had an uncle at the time all those many years ago who lived in San Diego .  My dad suggested that maybe I attend University of California at San Diego .  I could live with my Uncle John and  Aunt Ann . They had a plain little  house in a shapeless S.D. neighborhood . Their house was amazingly  similar to Ada’s and my plain little house in our non-chic neighborhood .

No way did I want to do that at the time . But , maybe it would have been a good idea , I think now .

Dan - High School graduation

Wow , how my life would have gone other places !

If I had been wiser then I  would have realized that the experience might well have been a wonderful one for me . The thin threads of my life’s weave would have been woven together differently , would have made an  other cloth ; not the one that is now .cloth zanzibar

I sit here wondering , at the keyboard , pondering  possibilities , the missed opportunities , the wisdom of the choice .  Where would I be otherwise ?  Where would any of us be ?  A silly question , a useless quest .  I don’t regret . I just wonder .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why do I think of that past passed decision now so many years removed  from it ?   I wonder about that too .

The answers will come to me . One of these years .


dan&ada 003




flowers Brit. Mus.

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