thoughts on (neil) young

I’m sitting here watching a Dylan concert on DVD . So far no Dylan , but other musicians each play one or two of Dylan’s songs . Neil Young just got off the stage . Eric Clapton is belting out ” Don’t think twice , it’s alright ” right now . Sinead O’ Connor got booed offstage before she could get around to singing  a song . She proclaimed something about child abuse . The concert occurred two weeks after Sinead’s appearance on Saturday Night Live when she went after the pope in 1992 . I think it was 1992 . And , I guess she was right , speaking truth-to-power , as they say , now that the child abuse within the clergy has come  to light over the  several years since then .

Ronnie Wood , Lou Reed , Chris Kristofferson , Johnny Cash and  June  Carter Cash  , Tracey Chapman , Willie Nelson , George Harrison ………………

I saw Neil Young at Royce Hall at UCLA in 1971 . Rambling Jack Elliot opened for him .  I paid two dollars for my seat and I wasn’t way at the back of the hall either . ” Old man , take a look at my life , 24 and there’s so much more ……..”   I don’t know , were those the words ? It’s late . I wouldn’t trust my memory just now .

George Harrison is playing on the DVD right now , wearing a pink jacket . ” Sweet Marie ……..where are you tonight , Sweet Marie ? …………..”    Ada and I have been recounting how many of these artists have passed away : George , Johnny , Lou , Richie Havens ………

Tom Petty , now , and The Heartbreakers ………………..what song will they sing  ?    Tom Petty , a tried-and-true Dylan imitator , eh ?  I don’t recognize the song ………..License To Kill ?     Tom is cool , not jumping around like Neil Young or Ron Wood . Lou Reed-ish , I’d say , dignified in a stage sense , cool . Now another song by the Heartbreakers. This one I know ……” but I would not feel so all alone ; everybody must get stoned …………..they’ll stone you when  you’re walking down the street…………………Everybody must get stoned…….They’ll stone you at the breakfast table……………..”    

Richie Havens played ” Just Like a Woman “. That’s probably not the name of it ; but , you know the song . Dylan . Wait……..a third Dylan song by Tom Petty .  Hey , Mr. Tamborine Man , play a song for me , I’m not sleepy and there ain’t no place I’m going to …….”cello man player

Wait.  Here’s Bobby Dylan . George Harrison introduced him . Acoustic guitar . The new Bob , 1990’s version . If you’re not busy being born you’re busy dying………….even the president of the United States sometimes must stand naked………..It’s alright , ma ……………money doesn’t talk it swears ………………..”

I waited all night for the ticket booth to open in 1971 to get the two dollar tickets for the Neil Young concert . My girlfriend at the time was with me . Students were partying in Meyerhoff Park , drinking wine , waiting for the ticket booth to open .

An old story : Several year later she asked me who was the girl I went to the concert with . I was dumbfounded , gob-smacked . ” You ,” I said , but no longer certain .   ” Don’t you remember we waited all night , ” she said . ” We drank wine . ”  Yeah ; yeah , I remembered that . ” And in the morning  , when the booth opened , you bought two tickets and then turned to me and asked ‘ How many are you going to get ? ‘  ”   No , I didn’t remember that .music bourbon street

Bob is singing Knocking on Heaven’s Door . I sang that once onstage , believe it or not ,  in Switzerland with Willie Nininger . I didn’t know most of the words , besides not knowing how to sing . But , what the hell !   Another American onstage was good for the Swiss . I guess that was Willie’s idea .  I had my flannel shirt and blue jeans . Danny Counts from West Virginia was there playing bass guitar . My shirt stank of cigarette smoke the next morning from the Swiss smokers . I remember that . Otherwise the performance was forgettable .

Bob is now singing Girl From the North Country .   He is bowing . Looks like he is wearing  a running suit . Dylan .

Neil Young had a much better voice than me or Dylan, at least in 1971 .  Ada showed me a picture from the internet of Neil now. Well , we all get old .  Some of us should retire . Are you listening , Bob ?  Willie (Nelson) ?   Retirement  ain’t so bad .  Yeah , Bob , you . Think about it . Neil Young in 1971 : Old man , take a look at my life ;  I’m a lot like you were…………..


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9 responses to “thoughts on (neil) young

  1. Dylan and a lot of these guys have never worked a real job in their life (like teachers :); what do they have to retire from? And Dylan, he don’t look back, because there’s no such thing as forever, so why worry about some restless farewell?

  2. It’s not that teachers don’t work hard, they do, but they are invisible, unreal, as these articles make clear:

    ; and

    ; but even after that kind of visibility, they are rendered invisible again, made “unreal” again by the magic of the market, as can be seen here:

    And the rock stars? Also invisible, unreal, as Dylan makes clear in just about every interview he’s ever done:

    • Understood. Thanks for the explain and the links .

      • And, almost forgot to mention, I don’t recall yr ever telling me you had a brief career as a vocalist, even touring, a veritable one night stand! Next time I break the guitar out and yr around…”roll out the barrel?”

      • I keep it deep in the vault . I hesitated letting it see the light of day even now . But , by the way , I more recently played bongos with Willie in a couple of Connecticut bars . Will wonders never cease !

  3. Cool, man. And dig this, where teaching meets bongo playing:

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