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an idea

I was substituting in a high school class once upon a time and I noticed a man in the back futzing with some cardboard boxes .  What he was doing in the classroom I didn’t have any idea , but he wasn’t disrupting anything and so I waited for a break to ask him . ” So , why are you here ? ”

He was the teacher in whose class I was teaching . Then , why am I here ?  , I wondered .  He was packaging plastic rectangles , orange ones with black arrows .  He needed the time , he said , to get these things in the mail , so he had to take a day off.   ” What are they ? ” I asked .  And , so , he explained .sign cuts 001

He had acquired a patent on the slits on the signs . The slits were his idea .  The slits fit the signs  snuggly onto highway cones .  No more individual  stand needed for each sign .  He said that for a few months he had made only a few thousand dollars , but then he got a marketing person .  He had made $25,000 that month , he said .   The signs were selling all over the country and in Germany , so far , he told me .sign cuts 003

sign cuts 002

That was about thirty years ago . I hope he is a multi-trillion-billionaire by now . He probably is .  And happy . And , maybe , just maybe , still teaching . He  probably isn’t  . sign cuts 004

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