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me and my reflection

Little DannyDan at Hadrian's WallBorrego Springs trip Mar 14 023      Some ideas hit me a little bit late . Once every so often I suddenly get a concise and comprehensive insight on an event . Often , it seemed ,the insight arrived in the middle of the night like a night stalking  burglar  . The  moribund bulb one way or another brightly lights up . Years late , sometimes . But still .

Lately I’ve been pondering what college I should have gone to . I had an uncle at the time all those many years ago who lived in San Diego .  My dad suggested that maybe I attend University of California at San Diego .  I could live with my Uncle John and  Aunt Ann . They had a plain little  house in a shapeless S.D. neighborhood . Their house was amazingly  similar to Ada’s and my plain little house in our non-chic neighborhood .

No way did I want to do that at the time . But , maybe it would have been a good idea , I think now .

Dan - High School graduation

Wow , how my life would have gone other places !

If I had been wiser then I  would have realized that the experience might well have been a wonderful one for me . The thin threads of my life’s weave would have been woven together differently , would have made an  other cloth ; not the one that is now .cloth zanzibar

I sit here wondering , at the keyboard , pondering  possibilities , the missed opportunities , the wisdom of the choice .  Where would I be otherwise ?  Where would any of us be ?  A silly question , a useless quest .  I don’t regret . I just wonder .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why do I think of that past passed decision now so many years removed  from it ?   I wonder about that too .

The answers will come to me . One of these years .


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